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How to Generate Automated Product Descriptions From Raw Supplier Data

Reading Time 4 mins | August 5, 2022 | Written by: Anne Geyer

To generate product descriptions automatically has many advantages. For example, saving time and costs, and reducing the workload of employees, who are therefore more satisfied. But how do companies automate product texts? What do they need and how long does the process take overall? We answer these and other questions below.

Why is the automation of product descriptions advisable?

In particular, companies that operate internationally or are striving for internationalization arerelieved by the automation of their product texts. These are, for example, companies that are active in several languages and operate within the EU or even worldwide in many different languages. Furthermore, automation relieves employees who otherwise have to create and update thousands of product descriptions by hand. Not only are employees happier, but the company also saves money and resources that are more needed in other areas of the business. Thanks to  automated content generation, consistent quality of text can also be guaranteed.

What is necessary for automation?

Experts are needed for data preparation, because the basis for product texts is prepared product data. They facilitate the standardization of various terms in the supplier or dealer catalog and ensure that errors and deletions due to the extra work are avoided. Also necessary are specialists for search engine optimization or conversion optimization. They create meaningful texts that both the customer and Google understand. 

Automation supplier and trader
Different attributes in supplier and dealer catalog

How does automation work? 

Ideally, well-maintained and structured data already exists, which then only needs to be checked. Based on this data, a so-called original text is created, which can be transferred 1:1 to the online store. Care is taken to ensure that the tonality and address of the text is entirely in line with the customer's wishes. In other words, the text is written according to the customer's desired tone of voice, whether it is more factual, emotional, or contains more or less calls to action. 

In the next step, the sentence frames are created using the NLG Software for automated content generation from AX Semantics. The sentences are indistinguishable from human-written texts. After a random adjustment and finalization of the texts by the customer, they are automatically played out in the online store. 

And if there is no prepared data?

No data or unmaintained data is not a problem. Then AX Semantics can gladly help with structuring the data. These are then structured and listed according to various characteristics. Essential is only that the data structure is constant. In the further course, sample data sets are worked with first. These can act as a kind of placeholder until the automation project is 95 percent complete. The creation of the structured data as well as the texts thus takes place in parallel. 

Creation of the structured data
Example of a structured data set

At what point is it worthwhile to use automated content creation?

The scaling of the texts can take place considering three different aspects. One aspect is the number of products and how often they are updated. In the case of a fashion online store, for example, it is worthwhile even if there are only a few hundred products, which in turn are updated or replaced every few weeks. The second aspect is language diversity, for example, if a company offers products in more than ten languages. The last scaling aspect is the dynamization or personalization. This means the special adaptation of the texts to the customer within his customer journey. 

How long does the automation take?

The whole process from data check to export of the finished texts usually takes one to three months. Of course, there are also projects that take up to a year. The prevailing conditions play a decisive role for the project duration.

What are the benefits of automated content creation?

For example, automation can generate up to 60% more visibility insearch engines through category pages on a keyword basis. This can save advertising money. The return on investment is extremely high and usually starts after a short time.

How much does the license for AX Semantics software cost?

In principle, there is no standard price. Our license models are adapted to the size of the individual stores. The price is determined by the benefit that the customer gets from our software in absolute terms. 

How will automated content generation develop in the future?

Beyond text creation, automation is increasingly used for the creation of videos and images. The use of the software for these purposes was not actually planned by AX Semantics. However, we are very happy for our customers who have already achieved very good results in these areas with the help of our software. 

Furthermore, our content personalization tool offers a solution that goes beyond the mere texting of the product. With the help of our software, the content is geared to the customer as part of the customer journey. The texts are adapted to the respective phase of the customer journey in which the customer is currently located. 


Automation is helpful to run international business, update texts regularly and improve them continuously. This also includes the constant adjustments to SEO rules and for conversion optimization. Doing all this manually takes far too long and costs a lot of money. With the help of our software and our competent partners Onedot and Awantego, automation can be accelerated.

Anne Geyer