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Text is better than no text – don’t waste your valuable data. Use it to satisfy your users’ information needs.


AX Semantics provides content in any language, enabling new domains without worrying about translators.



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20.000 Skus

(~500 stories per day)

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Required Onboarding € 9.900

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100.000 Skus

(~3.000 stories per day)

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Dr. Mario Haim, Munich University

Today, automatically generated stories are hardly distinguishable from human-written stories. Compared to human-written equivalents, sports and finance articles are even perceived as both slightly more objective and comprehensive.

The german edition of the innovation magazine Technology Review has chosen the world’s 50 most innovative companies […] AX Semantics is one of them.

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“AX Semantics builds new bridges of communication. The project impressively shows how diverse and profoundly digitization is changing our everyday lives.”

Thomas Keller, Deutsche Bank
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How our technology works


Use your valuable, structured data as basis for your automated content.

Your commerce system, product information database, business-intelligence platform or similar are full of valuable data that you can leverage. We use your structured data as input for your content.

Integrate our technology seamlessly into your systems via REST-API or manually import from xlsx/csv via our webinterface. Alternatively, enrich your data with data from our partners.


A ruleset for our artificial intelligence describes what the data is about and how it is expressed.

Your data is mapped against meanings and conclusions. Relevant information in the data are extracted and your wording, linguistic styles and story structures are put into the rulesets.

Editorial prospects are configured by you or us on top of formal rulesets as basis for the content generation.


Our engine renders content from the data and the matching Rulesets.

Every generated content is unique, even if you have multiple demands for the same object and every language is being generated naturally - there is no translation.

We generate written content within a split of a second, which is then available via API, as feed or as xls-Export.