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Do away with manual copywriting: AX is a Text Generation Software that interprets your data and turns it into meaningful, personalized content to boost your online business.

  • Sports Events

    We provide preliminary reports and match reports about sports events, such as soccer or basketball games, to be used for publishing and online betting platforms. Available in German and English for all major European and North-American leagues.

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    • Tourism Content

      For the tourism industry, we offer ready-made texts for every GIATA entry: about 364 000 hotels and clubs worldwide. You can choose a text length of up to 2500 characters in English, French, Spanish or German.

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    • E-Commerce Texts

      We provide product descriptions of up to 400 words per item. The content is generated from your shop-data via a data upload or feed import. Already available categories include jewelry, fashion, consumer electronics, cosmetics and we add new categories weekly.

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    • Custom Solutions

      Based on your data, we can build a custom solution matching your specific needs, available in 13 languages including German and Swedish. We create a custom code according to your selected data and text structure preferences and provide you with a self-service interface and API.

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    • Publish faster

      The moment the data is available, it is converted into text. No more waiting for editors or translators. This enables instant updates on your publishing platform or online shop.

      Our engine will always give you the most recently updated content that it can create. We continuously develop AX's intelligence, keeping it smart and updated for you.

    • Constant Quality

      Once successfully implemented, AX text generation delivers content at a constant, guaranteed level of quality - in any language. Even if you expand to hundreds of thousands of products or articles.

    • Content production as part of the toolchain

      Content can now be handled like every other process: integrated into your tech stack and toolchain. You can now implement total automation in your workflow by using our import/export tools or our API, eliminating room for error.

    • Enable Global Scaling

      Based on language agnostic data, we are able to provide instant content in any language (13 for now) enabling you to scale to new domains without worrying about translators.

    • Sebastian Hercovicz

      “For large amounts of products, there is no alternative in the 21st century e-commerce. Our customers boost their ranking and conversion by using this kind of highest quality content on their platforms.”

      Sebastian Hercovich, Head of Brand & Label

    • Feda Mecan

      “AX Semantics enabled us to build our sports portal in an unprecedented short amount of time. Without it, it would have taken us at least three to four months longer - with higher costs.”

      Feda Mecan, startdowns.de

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