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Google's AI Overviews

What does AI Overviews mean for your (product) content strategy?

AI Overviews

What will AI Overviews change?

Whether AI Overviews or OpenAI - the way search results are displayed and used will change fundamentally. For e-commerce companies, this means that they will have to adapt their content in order to remain visible and relevant.

What does this mean for your own text offering? How is content work changing?  Here we examine the key aspects of this new function and provide practical tips for optimizing your product communication. Our aim is to prepare product content managers in e-commerce for the upcoming changes and provide them with strategies to be successful in the new search environment.

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AI Overviews, AI ACT and what does all this mean for content work?

How do the changes brought about by AI overviews affect product search in concrete terms? And what should be considered for content work? Saim Alkan deals intensively with this topic and shared his knowledge, his opinion and ideas for future content strategies in a free Meetup.

Impact of AI overviews on product communication


Change in search results:

With AI Overviews, much of the search results page is dominated by generated content. This often takes up more than half of the screen and displaces traditional search results. Companies must be prepared for the fact that organic traffic from traditional search results could decrease significantly.

Importance of high-quality content:

Since AI Overviews generates average content itself, it is crucial that your product descriptions are unique and of high quality. This is the only way to ensure that your content is displayed in AI Overviews.