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Data-to-Text Automation

Turn your data into effective texts and make them self-running with automated workflows!
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The real productivity gain in your product communication

AX Semantics' data-to-text automation solution enables you to create, update and localize high-quality text based on structured data. The author has control over the text results and can intervene in the text creation process at any time to make updates or adjustments.

This control ensures consistency, meaning and quality. And, by working with a central set of rules rather than generating each text individually, text creation and updating becomes a scalable and even autonomous process. This allows you to create or update thousands of different product descriptions with variable details, even in different languages, with a single input.

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Data2Text Automation with AX Semantics


These are the benefits of Data2Text automation as seen by our customers

A win for your time and your nerves

"With AX Semantics, we can map what we did internally with a lot of Excel and a lot of additional work in an automated process, which of course scales completely differently."


Andreas Serra
Team Leader Engineering Data Service, MISUMI Europe

A win for your time and your nerves

"Simple Data2Text automation! Enormous time savings and maximum flexibility as well as lightning-fast generation of texts based on previously defined rules."

Henry Brunkow
Editor at MC Makler

Translation costs reduced

"We now only have to translate each statement once right now and it is automatically played out on each product. Yes, a big advantage."

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Joep Stokman
Product Management Representative, Zeeman textielSupers

Translation costs reduced

"When translating with DeepL, we were no longer able to change the formatting. Everything we translated with AX had highlighting such as bold text and subheadings, and the presentation automatically adapted to the predefined design. It was great that we were able to measure more interaction in 50% of the texts."


Vanessa Wurster
Former Head of E-Commerce & Online Marketing, AKKUSYS

Control of results

"AX Semantics gives us control. We want to have control over the narrative. Data-to-text automation meets this requirement."


João Neves
Founder, CEO & CTO at Betarena

Control of results

"You have data points attached to all products and from these you can create exactly the texts you want. Pick up the attributes that you want. That is precisely the advantage of rule-based data-to-text systems. You get exactly what you want to say. Not what the AI wants to say or thinks."

Norman Nielsen Omio

Norman Nielsen
VP Growth Omio 

Always up-to-date texts - automated.

"Text work is work in progress. We've already tweaked the texts a bit and published a second version two months later based on fresh data. That's the cool thing about it. Once you've set it up, the effort required to update it is marginal." 

Christian Heitbaum Webgears Group

Christian Heitbaum
Content Automation Specialist at Webgears Group

Always up-to-date texts - automated.

'We have a system where every text from every category is regenerated. If there are changes in the data or product updates, a new text is created automatically."

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Tudor Teodorescu
Former Lead Project Coordinator SkatePRO ApS

Always up-to-date texts - automated.

"If we change data, for example, let's say the article is no longer only applicable to the eyes, but to the entire face, then the system notices this and the new texts are added. It really is the case that the texts are always up to date."

Lea Unternährer, ehemals Jelmoli

Lea Unternährer
Former Teamlead Product Content, Jelmoli

Data-to-Text Automation with integrated GPT and DeepL