Industry solutions in cooperation with our managed service provider uNaice

Perfect texts automated in the automotive industry

Together with our partner uNaice, we offer a solution for content and data challenges that is specially tailored to the automotive sector. From a single source.
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uNaice combines the know-how for all processes of automotive and AX Semantics in one hand

The AX Semantics-certified Gold Solution Partner from the very beginning, supports companies as a managed service provider and integrator in the implementation of customer-specific solutions, with industry and solution expertise as well as know-how for data preparation and implementation in AX Semantics - all up to a "Fully Managed Service".


Better use of your data. More conversions.

Our solutions for data challenges of the automotive industry

Generate an infinite number of perfect texts in 110 languages from your product data

Data harmonisation and improvement

  • Cleanup and preparation of existing attributes & values
  • Creation of compatible data records for each of your sales platforms
  • Seamless data records as the basis for data-to-text automation

Data optimisation for increased value

  • Optimization of product titles
  • Automatic enhancement of all relevant information in accordance to the industry standard
  • Automated data enrichment to visualize the added value of the product

Generation of informative texts in 110 languages

  • Automated creation of informative, platform-compliant texts in 110 languages.
  • This allows you to address a global audience and maximize your reach and sales opportunities. 


  • Standard industry sales platforms such as Tecdoc, aftermarket sales platforms, etc.
  • Cross-industry marketplaces, e.g. eBay

uNaice Integration

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