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Autonomous Content Updates

Stay relevant: Auto‑Updating Copy

Ensure your content remains reliable and current effortlessly, with consistently updated product descriptions.
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The Challenge

Navigating the Dynamic Terrain of E-Commerce

Unraveling the Challenges of Stale Product Descriptions

Market trends, product features, and consumer preferences: In the dynamic world of online retail, the state of 'finished' is an ephemeral one. The need for continuous updates has become paramount to stay relevant and competitive.

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What will happen with copy over time?

The gap between the changing reality and the static of the content becomes wider and more obvious:

  • Initially minor discrepancies, resulting in significant errors in the course of time.
  • Content loses more and more its validity and relevance.
  • Content is no longer appealing and attractive!


These are the benefits of Data2Text automation as seen by our customers

Marginal effort to update

"Text work is work in progress. We've already tweaked the texts a bit and published a second version two months later based on fresh data. That's the cool thing about it. Once you've set it up, the effort required to update it is marginal." 

Christian Heitbaum Webgears Group

Christian Heitbaum
Content Automation Specialist at Webgears Group

Systematically updates of  product groups

'We have a system where every text from every category is regenerated. If there are changes in the data or product updates, a new text is created automatically."

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Tudor Teodorescu
Former Lead Project Coordinator SkatePRO ApS

Always up-to-date texts - automated

"If we change data, for example, let's say the article is no longer only applicable to the eyes, but to the entire face, then the system notices this and the new texts are added. It really is the case that the texts are always up to date."

Lea Unternährer, ehemals Jelmoli

Lea Unternährer
Former Teamlead Product Content, Jelmoli

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How it Works

Putting Content Updating Strategies to the Test

The complexity of e-commerce poses a unique challenge when it comes to updating. Different content types and product categories require tailored updates. Such synchronized updating has not been possible due to the high effort involved.

  • Old strategies: Lengthy updating cycles performed as late and for as few products as possible.
  • New strategies with AX NLG Cloud: Auto-update with every product change at precisely the right time.

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