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High-Quality Automated Product Texts For International Content

Take your content strategy to the new level: AX Semantics' integrated system for data2text automation enables you to create and update localized text at the push of a button: unique, error-free and scalable.
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Why is AX Semantics the best choice for multilingual text creation?

Do you suffer from the challenges of translating product descriptions? Quality issues, evaluation challenges, cumbersome, error-prone processes? Are multilingual product descriptions nerve-wracking and costly? GPT, DeepL and the like only help sequentially?

AX Semantics is an integrated system for data-to-text automation, that allows you to create and update texts automatically - in up to 110 languages.  

What is the big advantage of our data-to-text automation? You define in advance what will later be produced on large scale. This gives you a major productivity boost and you can simply rely on the results.

  • By precisely translating elements once, the machine can then reproduce it any time without human manual re-editing – the integrated DeepL supports you in the process
  • You don't need translation expertise for every output, but only for central translation work
  • You can define SEO-specific requirements in one place
  • Your translators can work in parallel while you are still working on a concept in the source language
  • Product features change? No problem - this happens automatically - new data = new texts – in all your created languages. 

Customers feel the magic

These are the benefits of multilingual text creation with AX Semantics as seen by our customers

Productivity Gains 

"We now only have to translate each statement once right now and it is automatically played out on each product. Yes, a big advantage."

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Joep Stokman
Product Management Representative, Zeeman textielSupers

Productivity Gains 

"When translating with DeepL, we were no longer able to change the formatting. Everything we translated with AX had highlighting such as bold text and subheadings, and the presentation automatically adapted to the predefined design. It was great that we were able to measure more interaction in 50% of the texts."


Vanessa Wurster
Former Head of E-Commerce & Online Marketing, AKKUSYS

Super fast Time-to-Market

"The product descriptions were no problem with AX Semantics. We converted 7,000 product descriptions into two other languages within 4-5 days." 


Stephan Bayer
CEO Metav Werkzeuge GmbH

Super fast Time-to-Market

'We have the app in 8 languages so that the largest number of users can consume the content we create. AX Semantics is very important for this. It enabled us to implement the platform in the several languages very fast."


João Neves
CEO, CTO and Founder of Batarena


The Key Features of our Translation Packages

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Case Study

How does AX Semantics support multilingual text creation at AKKUSYS?


AKKUSYS needs product descriptions for 5 european markets.



Simple and centralized translation work for 1000s of variant-rich product texts

More Interaction

50 % of AX Semantics translated descriptions have more interactions by consumers


AX Semantics product descriptions were of equal or better quality than manually written ones.

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