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But our Software can write even more.

Copywriting with software

We add a new dimension to writing: anyone can automate copywriting – ​​from structured data to content in all languages. In this way, you can realize what was previously impossible: reach countless people and at the same time appeal to everyone of your readers personally – and within seconds for thousands of texts.

NLG Cloud

Our SaaS Tool lets you generate endless content at any time, multilingual and fast.


 Our eLearning Platform about automated writing, learning and understanding.


Automatically optimize and track content – by correlating the conversion to the reading.

Dr. Mario Haim, LMU München

Today, computer-generated messages are hardly distinguishable from messages written by people. For sports and financial news, the computer-generated texts were perceived as more objective and credible.

Andreas Wenninger

We produce with the NLG software from AX Semantics individual texts in outstanding quality. The well-known advantages of the robotic industry also come to the fore: economically efficient, fast delivery in good quality, legally secured and error-free, as well as repeatable and linguistically correct. These are the outstanding features of the AX Semantics Text Robot.

Dr. Stefan Frerichs, Journalist

Journalists should not try to defeat news bots but learn to work with them.

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