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From the essential core text to the EPIC product description. From laying the groundwork to crafting conviction.

In the realm of E-Commerce, the art of product description is crucial for success. The distinction between a simple core text and a carefully crafted, multi-part product copy can significantly impact your shop's potential. Let's take a closer look.

While a concise product description forms the foundation, an EPIC product description with all its components becomes an individual sales pitch.


Showing the results companies have with investing in epic product descriptions

Measuring the Impact

The benefits of Epic Product Description

Epic Product Descriptions serve as an exceptional sales tool, demonstrating their impact in a variety of measurable ways to increase their effectiveness and reach:

  • Enhance Google visibility
  • Boost conversion rates
  • Positively impact revenue
  • Reduce return costs

Growth Driven

Components of Epic Product Description

Including different elements on a product detail page contributes to a more comprehensive and effective presentation, addressing different aspects of customer decision-making and optimizing the page for both user experience and search engine visibility.

Case Study

The Product Advisor – billiger.de

The billiger.de team is committed to enhancing the online shopping experience by offering a comprehensive and user-friendly platform for bargain hunters. One notable advancement includes the transition towards a "product advisor": With Epic Product Description,  the company now provides visitors with detailed guides, offering insights such as product advantages and disadvantages, essential information, and special tips, thus adding significant value to the user experience.

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Some Nice Things Our Clients Say About Us

Thanks to AX Semantics, generating product descriptions for a product group of 5,000 items and more becomes a breeze.

Niels Willaert

Niels Willaert
Product Marketing Specialist at TVH

With AX Semantics, we can take what we used to do internally with a lot of Excel and a lot of extra work and put it into an automated process, which of course scales completely differently.

Andreas Serra

Andreas Serra
Team Leader Engineering Data Service at Misumi

We use content automation to generate thousands of product descriptions in 17 languages.

Jakob Høy Biegel

Jakob Høy Biegel
CEO at Skatepro

We automate more than 100,000 advisory product descriptions per year.

Bernd Vermaaten

Bernd Vermaaten
CEO of the brand billiger.de

We achieve 57% more conversions thanks to automated product descriptions.

Stephan Bayer

Stephan Bayer
Managing Director, Metav Werkzeuge GmbH

With automated product descriptions we save a lot of time and achieve a high content quality.

Vanessa Wurster

Vanessa Wurster
Team Lead E-Commerce, AKKU SYS GmbH

Thanks to AX Semantics’ text automation software, we’ve generated more than 33,000 unique product descriptions in just 2 months.

Mirela Comor

Mirela Comor
Product Content Manager at Lyreco Germany

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