Streamlined Setup of your Writing Hub with RPA, GPT & DeepL

Our integrated system automates copy creation, approval, translation, and updates for reliable product texts. With RPA, GPT, DeepL, and Human Governance pre-integrated, setup is optimized.
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Elevate Your E-Commerce Content Workflow

Integrated NLG System Delivers Speed, Scalability, and Quality

We already integrated GPT  and DeepL with human governance into one system, so you don't have to do it again. Additionally, we offer pre defined, easy-to-implement solutions for RPA (Robotic Process Automation) integration, ensuring swift activation.

These are the key benefits you get from combining these new technologies

  • Improved Speed and Accuracy

  • Enhanced Scalability and Flexibility

  • Outstanding Copy Quality and Consistency


What our customers say about working with the implemented GPT Component

Productivity gain

"Despite all the hype surrounding AI - in the case of GPT, I can clearly say for myself: I think the development is great because it helps us to cover the lack of writing skills in the team, but the main advantages for us only arise through the combination of generative and rule-based AI, as offered by AX Semantics. This allows me to use the advantages of AI, but at the same time control the quality of the results - that's the real productivity gain."


Stephan Bayer
Managing Director, Metav Werkzeuge GmbH

No risk of publishing flawed output

"In this AX Semantics implementation content creators can surgically apply GPT to specific phrases and sentences in order to create more variety for the reader because the writer is vetting every change. There is no risk of publishing flawed output and there's no need to edit again before final delivery."

Greg Williams Header

Greg Williams
Founder of Nila June

Faster more scalable results

"For us the creative GPT connection is very helpful especially for the launch of news stories and all that in conjunction with the the AX NLG Cloud and our own data. This gives us a faster more scalable result based on our own data and above all correct content."

Sascha Füseler
Head of Online Shop, Kemmler Baustoffe GmbH

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What is RPA and what are the benefits of implementing it into your AX Workflow?

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a transformative technology reshaping how businesses operate in the digital age. With RPA, you can automate repetitive, rule-based tasks traditionally performed by humans, such as data entry, form filling, and transaction processing.

 You can utilize it at different stages within the AX workflow, such as preprocessing the data or adjusting the formatting of the results to align with the desired website design.

  • RPA is easy to integrate with existing systems and processes.
  • Tasks are completed faster with fewer errors.
  • Less repetitive tasks means more focus on engaging work for the employees.
  • You can reuse the RPA bots' task for multiple projects.



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