Data2Text automation for retail

All automated: From the product description to the price tags on the shelf

Product titles, price tags on the shelf or in-store advertising - retailers need different product texts with different requirements in different places. With the opportunities offered by Data2Text automation, all text types can be automated and automatically updated.

Retail challenges

Product texts for all SKUs in all variants and languages fully under control

The shortest text can become the biggest bottleneck: Not only are the various pieces of text required for a product largely written and (perhaps) localised manually, but they are also created in different parts of the organisation and within different systems (from PIM, ERP to PoS or logistics systems).

A seemingly trivial task becomes a bottomless pit. 

Data2Text automation enables the automated creation and update of accurate and consistent product texts across all SKUs, required variants and languages. A previously unmanageable amount of work becomes a feasible task that can be scaled to achieve the desired level of quality

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Case Study

Electronic shelf lables at XXXLutz

For the electronic shelf labelling at all locations of the furniture retailer XXXLutz for multiple countries, AX Semantics generates the texts and provides this information in real time for the electronic shelf labels.

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Travel agency in-store display

For a German travel agency chain, holiday offers with mood images are generated into contextualised offers for visitors and shown on advertising displays. The entire program incorporates current offers, target groups, departure airports near the travel agency, current prices, weather, etc.
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Hardware store in-store radio

For a German hardware store, we developed a text generation system for in-store radio. Content is generated and set to audio in real time to broadcast offers depending on weather, availability and shelf space.

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Pier 14 in-store display

For the 17 shops of the fashion retailer on the Baltic Sea, content for in-store displays is created and customised in real time according to arrival and departure times, stock levels in the shop, weather etc.

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Wine trade in-store display

For a wine retailer with branches, the system generates adverts for digital displays in real time. The maturity of the wines, origin, wineries, weather and seasons, among other things, are taken into account. 

Content creation with data-to-text

Our solutions for the CONTENT challenges of retail

Any number of perfect texts in the variants you need

Product texts without waiting

  • Products are ready for the shop floor: online and offline, because they are described and labelled instantly.
  • Changes or new mandatory information can be implemented in all text variants of the product at the touch of a button.



Simplifying cross-organisational tasks

  • You can control everything via AX Semantics: You define every specific requirement that the different text types need.
  • Be it SEO, shop floor or advertising specifics - you decide how a text is displayed. The data set behind it remains the same.
  • You can involve different people and roles in your organisation in content creation, with clear tasks and alignment.

Safety and security

  • Regulatory and legal requirements are always met.
  • Spelling is always correct - guaranteed error-free.
  • The completeness of the information is always assured.
  • Once the database has been verified, the content no longer needs to be checked before publication.

Managing quantities

  • Data2Text automation is scalable. With increasing text requirements, the effort remains similar.
  • Texts of all kinds, from offline price tags to product descriptions, everything is based on one data basis and defined rules.
  • Localisation for regulatory and region-specific adaptations no longer causes additional work. 

Control quality

  • You determine the tonality, style and statements. The texts only contain what you want across all text types.
  • Thanks to the scalability of Data2Text automation, you can quickly optimise all texts for a product and make adjustments. 

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