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Great Relief for Copywriters: Automated Product Descriptions at Ventano

Reading Time 3 mins | March 7, 2022 | Written by: Anne Geyer

Ventano is a manufacturer of replicas of historical door and window fittings and uses AX Semantics’ product description generator to automate its product descriptions.

The founders of the company, Katie and Volker Eloesser, together with two part-time employees, started by shipping window handles and historical door fittings in accordance with the requirements of historical monuments. The interest soon became so great that the manufactory currently offers more than 15,000 products in the fittings sector. 

As a result of the company's rapid growth, copywriters are facing the challenge of manually writing an enormous amount of product descriptions for the online store. Since the high amount of time required by employees makes it difficult for them to keep up with the repetitive writing tasks, Ventano relies on the automation of descriptions - and successfully so.

In this interview, Klaus-Martin Meyer shares his experiences of working with AX Semantics' software for automated content creation.

What Does Ventano Use the Software for Automated Content Generation For?

As manufacturers of replicas of historical fittings, we face the challenge, in particular in the case of door fittings, namely the fact that nearly an infinite number of door shield and latch combinations are possible and thus also available in the online store. This creates an enormous demand for product descriptions that are similar in terms of content, but still need to be unique and individually adapted to the combination. 

Solving this manually would be impossible for us and would take far too much time. Automated content generation is the perfect solution for this type of repetitive writing tasks. The AX Semantics software creates high-quality automated product descriptions within seconds after initial configuration. As a result, besides optimizing our pages in terms of SEO, we also increase the quality and added value of our product pages.

Automatically generated product description of a handle set

How Many Texts Have you Already Generated or Do You Plan to Generate?

By now, we have generated four-digit product descriptions. Since we constantly expand our product range, we have a continuous need for new product descriptions as well.

AX Semantics' automated content creation software based on natural language generation (nlg) produces an unlimited number of product descriptions for an unlimited number of categories. Therefore, content creation is scalable and not even product range expansions require enormous additional work for the responsible persons in terms of repetitive writing tasks, as would be the case without automation.

What Are the Challenges that AX Semantics' Software Solves for You?

Ventano has a huge amount of potential fittings, consisting of door handles and long plates that can be combined. For this reason, we need a very large number of product descriptions. It is impossible for our copywriters to manually write this huge amount of content, as it is extremely time-consuming. The AX software solves this problem by easing the work of our copywriters and saving them a lot of time. The employees have now more time for other tasks.

Can You Already See the Benefits of Using Automated Content?

The number of newly created items has gone up significantly. Through the accelerated creation of articles already in stock, sales are also being accelerated.

About How Many People Work with AX Semantics and What Are Their Roles?

There are essentially three people who provide text, automated text, and IT/interface expertise. By using the software for content automation, we reduce the workload for employees.

What Are Your Future Plans?

Firstly, we are planning to expand our product range into related, complementary areas. In terms of the content required for this, we are already well-prepared with our AX Semantics project.

Anne Geyer