Case Study

How XXXLutz Has Achieved Comprehensive Text Automation from Web to Retail Floor


The Case

Based in Austria, XXXLutz is a renowned retailer for furniture and home accessories with a multitude of stores across Europe. Their multifaceted text requirements cover both texts for online and offline. While the online store requires product descriptions including meta titles and meta tags, the offline focus is on product descriptions for price tags in brick-and-mortar stores, narratives for product packaging. A key requirement was the strict length constraints for these texts. The multilingual aspect is the core of the project, with discernible differences between German dialects such as Austrian.

The Challenge

XXXLutz faces the exciting challenge of efficiently managing a large number of different types of texts, from creating and updating to translating them into different languages. Coordinating these processes and achieving high-quality results is a challenging yet rewarding endeavor XXXLutz was willing to undertake.Their goals:

  • Accelerate the generation of text for existing products
  • Achieve comprehensive text coverage across the entire product portfolio, segmented into numerous categories
  • Reduce translation costs and efforts

AX Semantics provides impressive text automation services, effectively addressing our business requirements. This empowers us to enhance text coverage across various channels and international markets.

XXXLutz NLG Department

The Solution

Understanding the multifaceted challenge, the team at XXXLutz has harnessed the capabilities of AX Semantics.
1. Fast text creation through an automated text creation workflow with automated data transfer
Seamless integration has been established for automated data transfer from XXXLutz to AX Semantics and vice versa, ensuring real-time text creation and delivery.
2. Localized product descriptions within minutes
Thanks to AX Semantics' ability to produce output in more than 110 languages, XXXLutz is able to provide automated product descriptions in the localized language. Thanks to AX Semantics, they only have to translate a text concept once and are able to generate thousands of texts. A huge accelerator.
3. Scalable text creation allows the entire product portfolio to be covered with texts meeting the requirements
Thanks to the automated text creation and maintenance workflows, XXXLutz is on its way to cover the entire product portfolio with product descriptions. The automated workflow with AX Semantics also ensures that the specific requirements of each text type, such as length constraints, are met at any time.
Example of an automatically generated text in the XXXLutz webshop.

The Results

XXXLutz has seen a great improvement in time efficiency and significant savings in text creation for both price tags in brick-and-mortar stores and product descriptions in the online shop. This change, combined with an automated multilingual workflow, enabled XXXLutz to reach a wider audience and improve the overall customer experience.


The XXXLutz Group operates more than 370 furniture stores in 13 European countries and employs more than 26,300 people. In Germany, more than 11,000 employees contribute to the success of the group, which operates 50 XXXLutz furniture stores and 47 Mömax Trend take-away stores. With an annual turnover of €5.75 billion, the XXXLutz Group is one of the largest furniture retailers in the world. In addition, the more than €1.6 billion turnover of POCO (8,500 employees) is bundled in the joint purchasing association GIGA. Since 2009, the German headquarters of the XXXLutz Group has been located in Würzburg. In the course of further expansion, a completely new head office will be built there in 2019, offering employees an attractive working environment.