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Top 5 Blog Posts in 2021 - Review of the Year

Reading Time 5 mins | December 21, 2021 | Written by: Saim Alkan

The year 2021 is coming to an end soon. Time for a little review, because a lot has happened and our clients have achieved great results. Take a look at your and our top 5 articles from 2021!

57% Higher Conversion Rate - Successful Use of Automated & Personalized Product Descriptions

Stephan Bayer, Managing Director of Metav Werkzeuge GmbH, shared his experiences with personalized product descriptions with us in an interview.
The company faced the challenge of creating varied and high-quality product descriptions for a large number of highly technical and sometimes very similar products. 
By automating the product descriptions in the online shop and introducing the AX Semantics E-Commerce Suite, the required content can not only be generated automatically, but also personalized.
Through the individualized approach based on the customers’ motivation and the improved customer journey resulting from this, Metav Werkzeuge GmbH achieves considerable success in terms of conversion and engagement increases

Read the success story of Metav Werkzeuge now!

Header Metav Blogpost

7 Expert Tips for Conversion Optimization by Andre Morys and David Odenthal

Conversion optimization should definitely be integrated as a goal in the strategy of every online shop. There are a multitude of possibilities that help to sustainably win more long-term customers! We invited the two experts David Odenthal and Andre Morys to our Meetup to get first-hand, concrete and quickly implementable insider tips on conversion optimization in e-commerce. You can read the summary in the blog article.

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Automated Content: Quality Check and Hard Facts

How good is the text quality with automated content writing? Does automation replace manually written texts or even the copywriter's job? We have investigated this frequently asked question and provide an overview of the quality check and hard facts of content automation. A short teaser in advance: The quality of automated texts is often not only considered by readers to be very similar to manually written texts. Some studies even show that automated content is perceived more objectively and credibly by test persons.

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Automated Content: Facts & Quality Check

Time Saving, Cost Reduction and 200% More Visibility - 3 Successes with Automated Content from roboexpert

Did you know that you can save time, reduce costs and increase Google visibility at the same time through automated content? The online shop roboexpert generated its product descriptions with our automated content generation software and achieved many positive effects. Since using AX Semantics, the company no longer has to buy external content and thus saves costs and time while maintaining high content quality. At the same time, the visibility of the domain could be increased by half through new, unique content. Blerta Lushaj provides these and other insights in detail in the interview.

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Interview roboexpert

Personalized Shopping Experiences: the Only Way to Compete with Marketplaces and E-Commerce Giants

The accelerated trend towards online retail is forcing traditional shops to become more and more digital. Small and medium-sized e-commerce companies face the challenge of holding their own against marketplaces and e-commerce giants like Amazon. This can only be achieved by optimizing the customer approach and acquisition. This is how e-commerce companies can regain control over the customer relationship and offer customers real added value compared to the large marketplaces. The keyword here is content personalization.

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Saim Alkan

Saim Rolf Alkan is Chief Executive Officer at AX Semantics and a pioneer in the field of automated content generation. After successfully working in content for years, he decided that businesses needed a better tool: one that would allow man and machine to work together to produce the volume of content needed to thrive in the digital age. Saim developed a content solution that generates high-quality texts from data in 110 languages for use in industries including e-commerce, publishing and finance. He is also a lecturer and speaker in the fields of online communication and "robot journalism" and has written several books and numerous articles.