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Saving Time while increasing SEO Visibility - How KitchenAdvisor achieves Success with Automated Content Generation

Reading Time 3 mins | May 18, 2021 | Written by: AX Semantics

KitchenAdvisor is an online portal for comparing kitchen prices and serves as a broker and advisor, too. KitchenAdvisor recently started using AX Semantics' software to generate automated product descriptions. In this interview Antonia Keute from the Marketing department reports on the successes already achieved with AX.

What do you use the automatic content generation software for?

KitchenAdvisor works with over 1,200 kitchen studios throughout Germany. On our website, we offer our customers a kitchen studio search, with an overview of our partners, as well as many other kitchen retailers in the area. As our company grows, we cooperate with more and more kitchen studios and expand our partnerships in neighboring countries such as Austria or Switzerland. With AX Semantics we can quickly and easily create SEO content for our dealer pages.

How many texts have you already generated/are you planning to generate?

We have generated over 7,000 descriptions with AX Semantics so far. With every new kitchen studio we generate another description.

Information created with AX Semantics

What challenge do you solve with AX Semantics software?

To write a SEO text for each kitchen studio manually would not be feasible in terms of time. With AX Semantics and its natural language generation (nlg) tool the content is generated automatically and can be added to the different pages as well as newly constructed with just a few clicks. With the help of the software, we built a text structure once and we are able to transfer it to all kitchen studio pages. If we want to expand it with further information, a single addition in AX Semantics is enough to update all dealer profiles.

How many people in which roles work with AX Semantics?

KitchenAdvisor has currently two people from marketing working with AX Semantics.

Do you already see effects from the use of automated product descriptions? If yes, which ones?

By using automated product descriptions we were able to increase our SEO visibility. More customers come across our website via the dealer profiles and request a kitchen consultation. The Sistrix visibility thus increased from 0.7 to 1 within 3 months, which roughly doubled in SEO traffic.

What are your plans for the future (more text types, languages, etc.)?

We would like to create more textual content for our dealer overview with the help of AX Semantics, as well as expand existing content.

How would you describe the AX-Semantics software in one sentence to someone who does not know the tool yet?

AX Semantics is a helpful and easy to understand tool that allows you to create automated descriptions quickly and easily - a real relief for all those who invest a lot of time in writing.

"KitchenAdvisor was very quick in learning the tool. After only a short time and with almost no help, they implemented their first project largely on their own."

Alexandra Waldleitner, Customer Success Agent at AX Semantics
AX Semantics