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Personalized Product Descriptions - A Revolution in the Customer Experience

Reading Time 3 mins | March 8, 2021 | Written by: AX Semantics

“Texts should appeal to as many (different) people as possible and last a long time!” These were the unspoken but nevertheless defining maxims of text production in e-commerce (but not only there). When copywriters and editors create or update content, it takes time or a lot of people involved.

Therefore, it makes sense and is efficient to keep the effort in check by producing as few texts as possible that last as long as possible. Many store operators or online services have no other choice.

Gone are the Days of Generic and Permanent Product Descriptions

The stipulations for the long-term validity of descriptions are so self-evident that they usually go unnoticed and yet have a lasting influence on the writing of online descriptions. Only through automated content creation, which fundamentally changes conditions of content production, do these implicit constraints of content creation and their consequences gradually become clear. This is because automated content creation offers the advantage that new requirements and specifications for product descriptions can be created centrally and applied to all relevant descriptions in a scalable manner – content generation and content updating at the push of a button.

Live Content: Automated Content Creation offers great Freedom in Text Design

When quantities and effort no longer play a major role, great freedom is created: Descriptions no longer have to appeal equally to all readers, nor do they have to be made to last forever, as they can be generated in real time and individually. “Live content” and "Content Personalization" are the buzzwords here, underlining the flexibility of the descriptions and the stores.

Product Pages the key to E-Commerce Personalization
Product Pages the key to E-Commerce Personalization and Customer Experience Optimization

Short Time-to-Content & Central Implementation of Seasonal Events

New products in the online store’s assortment no longer generate additional workload, because the product data automatically runs into the content projects created once and the corresponding descriptions are generated automatically. Are there different colors this season? No problem, the variants are quickly entered. Is there an upcoming event like Christmas that could be covered in the descriptions? This can also be incorporated centrally and applied to thousands of descriptions in a scalable manner.

Content Relevance through Personalized live Descriptions dependent on User Data

However, the new freedom not only affects the ability to react quickly to time-based changes, but also the view of target groups. The lowest common denominator is no longer the guide. Many different personas can coexist and it is possible to address their idiosyncrasies, preferences and interests individually. This differentiated view of the reader is the best guarantee for text quality, as it makes it easier to address their needs. This new attitude alone makes the descriptions more relevant in terms of content and the language more appropriate.

One of the most interesting challenges for automated content creation and for editors: to also use this new freedom!

Summary of the Advantages of Live Content
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