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How Automated Content Generation makes Real Estate Agents' Jobs easier

Reading Time 4 mins | October 26, 2021 | Written by: Sabine Schymik

The fast Track to unique and detailed Property Descriptions

The platform Nila June combines the human ability to write and the technical capabilities of AX Semantics' Natural Language Generation (NLG) software to generate detailed property descriptions for the US market. 

With the information provided by clients, Nila June uses the software to automatically create unique descriptive texts for properties that agents would otherwise have to laboriously write themselves. Instead, this frees them up to do their actual job.

Greg Williams, the founder of Nila June, explains the background of the platform in the following interview.

What do you use the Automatic Content Generation Software for?

At Nila June, we use AX Semantics to automatically create property descriptions of homes for sale in the United States. Our customers supply the facts by answering a series of questions that elicit notable details about the house, the yard, and the surrounding area.  We send the responses to our AX Semantics project, which instantly produces two descriptions for delivery to our customer.  There’s a longer version for use in specialized materials, and a more concise version that falls within the spacing limitations of online listings services. 

Working with Nila June

Nila June is a great example of how companies can use AX Semantics to produce prose instantly that is better than a human could muster even after spending several hours at the same task. The business world is full of necessary, expected communications that are poorly written, simply because the task falls to someone who is too busy to devote enough time and care to make it great. 

Does a real estate agent yearn to spend all morning in isolation, tweaking a property description? Or would the agent rather be shaking hands and showing houses? By disposition, most agents are inclined toward the social aspects of their profession, just as the writer who can come up with a great property description might not be so good at giving the Grand Tour.

An AX Semantics client can encode the language choices and stylistic traits of that writer into the AX Semantics platform in order to produce a potentially unlimited number of stories simultaneously. Necessary business writing does not have to be accepted at a trickle and as boring to read.  Instead it can be instant, insightful, and a pleasure.

What I love about the AX Semantics platform is that it has allowed me personally to do the writing, rather than having to burden software developers with the task of translating my writing intentions into finished work. Like the real estate agent that we mentioned earlier, a software developer’s talents can be better used elsewhere.

How many property descriptions have you already generated/are you planning to generate?

In developing Nila June, we generated thousands of property descriptions ourselves. Now we’re presenting Nila June to a U.S. home sales market that is dependably active, posting around a half million transactions a month. Using AX Semantics, Nila June can describe those homes in ways that present the listing agents as good writers, and can prompt buyers to see themselves reading a novel in the living room, preparing meals in the kitchen, or relaxing by the pool in the backyard.

Extract from an automatically created property description

What challenge do you solve with AX Semantics software?

Automated content solves the universal problem Time. We all need more of it. In delivering “instant property descriptions,” is our product the “property description” part or is it the “instant” part, the Time?

Our customers receive great property descriptions, but they also get their mornings back. If it’s true that “Time is money,” then their return on investment begins immediately.

How many people in which roles are working with AX Semantics?

I’m the primary writer, and operator of the AX Semantics platform. Nila June’s co-founder, Paul Grier, handles our API interactions with AX Semantics and other third parties, and our technical interaction with the client, including product delivery. We’ve found AX Semantics to be a powerful productivity multiplier.

What are your plans for the future?

We are going to push for an ever-expanding range of linguistic and structural variations. My goal is that every single one of our instantly generated variations will be indistinguishable from the work of an excellent writer who might have spent hours at the task.

How would you describe the AX Semantics software in one sentence to someone who does not know the tool yet?

AX Semantic is a tool that lets writers clone themselves a million times.

Sabine Schymik