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More Traffic Thanks to Automated Match Reports - Interview with MyTischtennis

Reading Time 3 mins | March 15, 2022 | Written by: AX Semantics stands for fast, detailed and high-quality reporting on all subjects related to table tennis. Be it match results or other background information - all the relevant facts of table tennis are available here. 

For some time now, the portal has been using the tool for natural language generation to guarantee prompt and up-to-date reporting.

In this interview, Jochen Lang, CEO at MyTischtennis, explains the benefits of using the software.

To which purpose does MyTischtennis use the software for automated content generation?

We generate editorial content and match reports based on pure results data from table tennis competitions. These are more enjoyable to read than just plain figures in a table.

About how much content have you already generated/are you planning to generate?

The season started in September 2021 and was sadly suspended in many national associations at the end of November due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our "text machine", by which we mean the tool, was first launched in 5 national associations in the 21/22 season. As of November 2021, we have generated about 45,000 texts with it.

Bezirksoberliga Herren Süd Extract
Extract from a match report generated automatically with the software

What challenge is AX Semantics solving for you?

There are two main issues for us: 

  1. On one hand, we would like to boost the table tennis sports in the media.

The purpose of our content is to contribute to a much higher level of communication about the sport, i.e. to make it more "seen".

  1. On the other hand, this also solves a staff problem. It is getting more and more difficult for the 9,000 table tennis clubs and departments in Germany to find employees for the so important public relations work.

We already provide an excellent basic supply of table tennis content with the texts that we generate using the software. If necessary, the club managers can then add, correct or adjust the content and operate their channels accordingly.

About how many people and in which roles work with AX Semantics?

At myTischtennis GmbH there are three people responsible for the automated content generation. There are two people who work more conceptually, and one who is specifically involved with the continuous adjustments and improvements. Additionally, these three employees have other tasks as well.

Are you already seeing results from using automated content? If so, which ones?

As a website administrator, one of the things we do for a living is page impressions. The editorial offering has clearly struck a chord with users. After all, not only the results, but also the content is read and enjoyed. This is shown by the increase in page impressions.

Up to now, the effects on the individual clubs can only be determined from the feedback we receive. The feedback is very positive. However, we still need a little more time to quantify and evaluate this more closely. We have unfortunately been slowed down somewhat by the pandemic and the resulting suspension of matches.

What are the plans for the future?

Our first step is to launch automated content creation for table tennis across the whole Germany in the coming season. This is because we want to transfer the goals and problem-solving approaches to all table tennis in Germany.

Moreover, we have made concrete thoughts about future developments: On the one hand, we will support the media work more intensively through relevant match previews. On the other hand, we will also develop season reviews, from a club as well as from a team or player point of view.

To someone who doesn't know the AX Semantics software yet, how would you describe it in one sentence?

It is an extremely powerful tool that offers excellent possibilities to produce good quality content, as well as improving it on a daily basis and enhancing its variety through the use of data.

See the whole video about the success for MyTischtennis thanks to automated match reports:

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