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Automating Creative Product Descriptions - Prym Online Platform Experiences

Reading Time 3 mins | March 23, 2022 | Written by: AX Semantics

Prym Consumer is the world's leading supplier of sewing supplies, needlework articles, and fashion accessories. Prym regards itself as a partner for personal handicraft projects on the online platform for end-customer sales with an increasing selection of high-quality brand products. Thousands of unique, customer-oriented, and SEO-optimized product descriptions, customizable at any time, are created using automated content creation.

We interviewed Tessa Bräutigam, Product Owner Seller Experience at Prym, to learn about her work with content automation, her experience with AX Semantics software, as well as the company's goals.

What Does Prym Use The Automatic Content Generation Software For?

At Prym Consumer Europe we are generating product descriptions for specific categories using the AX Semantics software for our B2C store.

How Much Content Have you Already Generated and How Many Do You Plan to Generate?

At the moment we generate product descriptions for three categories using the AX software. So far we have generated for 9,200 product descriptions in German language.
We intend to expand the creation of product descriptions to additional categories in the future. We expect to generate more than 24,000 additional German product descriptions within this context. If required, internationalization in additional languages is not ruled out.  

Background information on the multilingual implementation of automated content projects:
AX Semantics makes it possible to generate content in 110 languages. In order to do this, a native speaker will transfer the linguistic elements of a given text project into the target language only once. However, all rules and logic can be taken over from the source language, so that the implementation of text projects in other languages provides additional scaling potential.

What Challenges is AX Semantics Software Solving For You?

Our challenge at Prym was to create product descriptions for thousands of products that had homogeneous characteristics. The demands for the descriptions included that they be unique, customizable at all times, customer-oriented, and SEO-optimized. This was a task that would be almost impossible to perform manually.

What Are Your Goals with Content Automation?

Through the automation of product descriptions, our goal is to create customer-oriented product descriptions that help users to make purchases and thereby increase sales.

product description generated with AX Semantics

Can You Already See Benefits From the Use of Automated Content?

We are seeing a significant optimization and acceleration of our internal processes. After the initial configuration of the content has been done and the technical connection has been set up, the process is permanently scalable:

In other words, one-time expenses are generated when creating the product descriptions of new categories and technical connection for automatic uploads. 

Product descriptions can then be adjusted to meet customer needs or, for instance, search engine optimization at any time. In case of necessary changes or updates of product data, a corresponding update of the product descriptions will be completed in one day - in this case, the manual effort would be huge.

Which Are Your Plans For the Future?

We are planning to extend the content automation onto additional categories, which then will probably be equivalent to 24,000 German product descriptions. On top of that, we'll be focusing on AX's content personalization feature in order to tailor product descriptions to our customers' specific needs.

How Has the Use of Automated Content Generation Changed Things at Prym?

Through automated content creation, newly added products in already implemented categories are given product descriptions as soon as they go live, eliminating the need for a staff member to take care of this.
For homogeneous products, we can no longer commission external agencies to create the product descriptions. We thus save a lot of briefing and coordination effort - and, of course, time and costs. Only one employee manages the AX software as needed. Other than that, the software automatically generates and updates all required content.

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