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Time Saving, Cost Reduction & 200% Visibility Increase - 3 Successful Stories with Content Automation by roboexpert

Reading Time 4 mins | June 25, 2021 | Written by: AX Semantics

How the online shop roboexpert generates multilingual product descriptions in the shortest time and thus saves costs and improves its visibility

roboexpert is an online shop for household and garden robots, garden devices such as e-bikes. The specialist retailer sells quality products from renowned brand manufacturers and is actively operating in twelve other countries apart from Germany. In this Interview roboexpert tells AX Semantics about their experiences with the AX Software.

How do you use the software for automated content generation?

We use AX Semantics and its natural language generation (nlg) tool to create product descriptions for our online shop.

How many content pieces have you already generated/How many are you planning to generate?

In the first three months, we have already generated content for products from three different categories with help of AX Semantics. This was about 50 item descriptions per category that we were able to use as well in English as in German. So in the first three months, we had a total of about 300 product descriptions. Our goal is to create all our automated product descriptions with AX Semantics.

With AX Semantics created product description (German version)


Which problem/challenge are you trying to solve with the AX Semantics software?

Since we use AX Semantics, we do not need to buy any external content. Our in house content marketing manager can successfully create all descriptions herself, thanks to AX Semantics. Buying content pieces per article was not only too expensive for us, but also time-consuming, since we also had to check and proofread each content piece. Now, all our item descriptions are being created in house and the quality is guaranteed.

Automated content creation with AX Semantics (German version)


How many people work with AX Semantics, and which roles do they have?

Currently, there are two content marketing managers in our company that are working with AX Semantics. One of them creates the templates in German. This means that she determines from which value attributes of the products of one category the content pieces should be composed and writes the content templates from which the content will be generated for our German corporate website The second content marketing manager does not need to do all this work when she translates the product descriptions into English. The predefined rules of the German language can be applied to the English translation. Everything that still has to be done are the translations of the content templates into English. These are then used as automated generated product descriptions for our English corporate website,

 Are you already seeing the results of automated content? If yes, what are they?

We are already experiencing the first positive results of content automation with AX Semantics. Our latest project with AX Semantics was the creation of item descriptions of our lawn mower category. Since the product descriptions went live, our lawn mower category has had a 200 % visibility increase on Google.

Sichtbarkeit Index Rasenmäher
Sistrix visibility curve of the roboexpert lawn mower category in the first half of the year 2021

After the Google Core update from June 2021, we gained in total half more visibility with our domain. The content automation with AX Semantics has helped us to launch new, unique content online in a short time, which contributed to this positive development.

Sistrix visibility of on 13th June 2021 after the Google Core update


What are your future plans?

Our next step in our plan is to create an API interface between our Content Management System and the AX Semantics software. Once that is done, we’ll be able to get a lot more out of AX in a shorter time. Further languages and content types are not excluded.

How would you describe AX Semantics to someone that does not know the tool yet?

With AX Semantics, it is possible to create a hundred individual content pieces for one category with equivalent products out of only three different content templates due to the different attribute values that distinguish the individual content pieces. These are automatically incorporated into the content elements of each description, which as a result makes the product descriptions unique.

AX Semantics