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Better Google Ranking Through Automated Product Descriptions - Interview with Emile Koolstra

Reading Time 3 mins | April 1, 2021 | Written by: AX Semantics

Green4ever is an online store in Estonia with an enormous selection of artificial plants and trees in absolutely natural look. Green4ever plants can be found in many offices, hotels and commercial establishments.  

For the texting of their online store, Green4ever has chosen AX Semantics' automated product description generator.

What do you use the automated content generation software for?

We have an online shop that sells artificial plants and there are over a thousand different products. We use the software to create detailed short and long descriptions for each product category and also for product based meta descriptions. In addition we use it to generate unique texts for marketplaces which are slightly different than the regular product texts.

Product description generated with AX Semantics

What is your current approach to generating the texts? 

Every product of ours has a few variations of short/long descriptions that we are constantly updating by adding values and new information. At the moment we generate all the texts once a week and have been using the tool for about two months.

Product description generated with AX Semantics

What problem/challenge do you solve with AX Semantics software?

The big variety of our products would take a lot of time to create a unique description to every single one of them. With this software it's easy and with little effort we can constantly have fresh and updated descriptions next to the products we sell.  We ensure that the “thin” content we used to have is now resolved. So now not only our category pages are ranking, but more and more our product pages, too.

How many people in which roles are working with AX Semantics?

One person that is responsible for all the content on our page is creating the texts in AX Semantics.

Do you already see effects by using automated texts? If yes, which ones?

Our page is step by step getting better results in google search, plus more and more people find us. We believe it's a combination of all the work we do and the usage of AX Semantics. Our most important products have steadily gained rankings over the last 3 months so we are pretty sure we are on the right track!

What are your plans for the future?

Our shop is rather new and therefore at the moment it’s just in one language. This will change in some time as we indeed plan to add a few more languages.

In addition to product’s short, long and meta descriptions which has so far been our priority, we could also use the tool for category and species page etc.

How would you describe the AX Semantics software in one sentence to someone who does not know the tool yet?

It is a tool that helps to create unique texts and that for a variety of thousands of products. Doing this in real time and not having to create all the texts individually means a huge time saving.

Peter, the Customer Success Agent responsible for Green4ever, says about the special nature of the project:

"Green4ever wanted to implement the project in Estonian. However, this language was not yet available in the AX software when we started working with Green4ever.

So that the waiting time until the language was available did not remain unused, I worked out an interim solution for Green4ever. The project was written in Estonian and implemented in AX, but first in the already existing English language module. Thus logic and text spinning could already be integrated, only the grammar not yet.

When the new language was integrated into AX, the final conversion of the project into Estonian consisted of only a few minutes of copying and pasting. This procedure saved an enormous amount of time."

Peter Schmitt, Customer Succes Agent AX Semantics

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