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Automated Product Descriptions for Laboratory and Medical Supplies – Interview with Julia Meier

Reading Time 3 mins | January 21, 2021 | Written by: Carina Meyer

MedSolut AG stands for innovative products for laboratory and medical equipment and offers expert advice and individual solutions for the workplace. They uses AX Semantics software to generate automated product descriptions.

AX Semantics is a self-service Natural Language Generation (NLG) software that makes content writing scalable – from e-commerce to pharma to finance and banking.

What do you use the automated text generation software for?

The second half of 2020 was all about Our new platform for laboratory and medical supplies needed to shine with fresh, high-quality product descriptions just in time for the launch. So we decided to use AX Semantics to create new content using our existing data and information about the product features, which stand out from our competition and the article descriptions of the manufacturers.

How many texts have you already generated/are you planning to generate?

Since the start with AX, we have generated around 30,000 descriptions for in the first phase – and the trend is rising. But with more than 150,000 products in our portfolio, we still have a long way to go. In 2021, we will continue to do everything we can to generate as many texts as possible for our website in an effective and efficient manner. We also plan to optimize the item descriptions on our platform. The description of the laboratory refrigerator LABO 270 Chromat by Kirsch represents a good example of our text generation with AX.

A product description generated with AX Semantics software. (Note: German product description)

What challenge are you solving with AX Semantics software?

In our industry, we often come across duplicate content in the form of identical item descriptions. These are mostly taken over 1:1 from the manufacturers. With AX we would like to use our existing product features to create our own texts. We refer to the technical data of the devices available in our system and supplement them if necessary, so that the text provides as much information as possible for the user.

How many people in which roles work with AX Semantics?

Currently I work alone with the tool. At the beginning it took a few weeks to get used to it, but with regular work on AX you quickly get used to it and find your personal way of working and approaching it.

What are your plans for the future?

Our plans regarding the work with AX are big. Especially for we would like to translate our content into many languages in due course, in addition to various text types such as newsletters, shopping cart abandonment texts, social media captions or the presentation of new products. This includes English and French as well as Dutch, Italian, Spanish or Portuguese.

How would you describe AX Semantics software in one sentence?

AX Semantics is a helpful, professional and very sophisticated tool for automated content generation. In my opinion, the most important thing needed to work with AX is a structured and complete data basis paired with editorial knowledge – with the help of this combination, your content are created in just a few steps.

Thank you for this interview, Julia!

Carina Meyer