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8 Reasons You Shouldn't Be Scared of Outsourcing Your Content Requirements

Reading Time 6 mins | September 30, 2021 | Written by: AX Semantics

Content marketing is a crucial part of many businesses’ strategies, whether they’re early-phase startups or established global corporations. However, many companies struggle to maintain their strategy over the long term. The end result: frustration and stagnation. 

These days, more businesses are warming up to the idea that external help is the answer. According to the Content Marketing Institute, for example, 86% of B2B marketers outsource their content creation

Let’s go over eight reasons marketing teams shouldn’t be afraid of outsourcing their content requirements.

Follow Through with Your Long-Term Strategy

These days, most companies have a content strategy in place; in early 2021, SEMRush published research findings revealing that this was true for 84% of survey participants. But the real problem lies in their effectiveness; only 11% defined their strategy as “excellent.” 

84% of the respondents have a content marketing strategy

One substantial reason teams could struggle with creating a better strategy is that they don’t have enough personnel—76% of research respondents had fewer than three people on their content marketing teams.

When outsourcing content, teams will benefit from having extra sets of hands to help them produce on a more consistent basis. 

Another way marketing teams can improve their content strategy through outsourcing is by gaining valuable insights into what their customers are and are not interested in. Analytics can reveal weak topics and help creators make tweaks where necessary, enabling marketing teams to continue seeing results over the long term. 

Write More Authoritative Content

Here’s another striking statistic on the scale of the challenges facing many teams. Of those who participated in the survey, 63% said that content creation challenges stunted their business’ growth during the last 12 months. 

Factors B2B marketers attribute to their organization's minimal/lack of content marketing success in last 12 months

When businesses create content, they quickly find out that putting their thoughts into words is tricky. Even with decades of expertise, companies’ content can lack confidence if they can’t articulate it correctly. 

Outsourcing content means working with people who are industry experts and who know how to express thoughts and ideas for maximum impact with the audience. When content is effective, companies portray themselves as authorities in their niche, thus attracting better leads. 


Business owners may plan for an in-house content team to be an integral part of a business’s overall strategy, but hiring a talented content marketing team gets expensive. 

Beyond base salaries, hiring employees means needing to cover all of the following costs and more: 

  • Office equipment 
  • Training
  • Employee benefits
  • Offboarding when they move on to their next role

While high-quality outsourced content may seem expensive, it avoids the necessity of paying for equipment, benefits, and so on. 

Over time, outsourcing content becomes more cost-effective than hiring employees—but the results delivered are often better. Companies can achieve a higher return on investment (ROI) by shifting some of their content needs to content creation specialists.

Tailor Your Content for Local Markets

At some stage, many companies will want to expand into new markets. Even if they’ve enjoyed success in their immediate surroundings, however, localizing content for other regions has challenges

One of the most common challenges with localization is tailoring content for consumers in these markets. According to the photography website Shutterstock, 71% of marketers say that ineffective content for local and mobile audiences is leading to less than half of their output being viewed. 

Implementing new content strategies can be still a challenge

Outsourcing can be a powerful way to build brand awareness and generate leads in new markets. Companies can work closely with clients who understand the local landscape, speak the language, and understand colloquialisms. All of these will help deliver a more personalized experience, which will bring in more customers and save time on wasted efforts. 

SEO Assistance

Ranking highly in search engines is crucial for helping companies serve a larger audience. And while 75% of marketers view their search engine optimization (SEO) strategy as either “extremely effective” or “very effective” according to HubSpot, there’s always room for improvement. 

When outsourcing content, companies work with experts who have deeper insights on SEO, access to premium tools, and an awareness of current trends and developments. 

Another SEO-related benefit of outsourcing content is that businesses can strike a balance between writing for Google and Bing while also adding value for their clients; when creating content internally, it’s more common for teams to focus on one or the other.

Better Content Ideas

Many businesses find that they have plenty of ideas for the first couple of months when crafting content. After that, these begin to dry up and the calendar stops looking as full as it did. 

The reality is that content ideas don’t dry up because companies have covered every possible topic. Industries change and news happens every day, so the chances of running out of things to talk about are next to none. Instead, marketing teams often run out of ideas because of fatigue and stale perspectives. 

When putting together ideas for articles, social media, and video, collaboration is crucial—and so is having a fresh viewing angle. Outsourcing content gives marketing teams the additional insights they need because the people they work with will have a non-biased perspective. They’ll also be able to help brainstorm new angles. 

Over time, outsourcing content will lead to more unique and varied material, helping marketing teams to stand out above their competitors. 

Consider Outsourcing Content and Build Your Business Faster

As business becomes increasingly global, more marketing teams are warming to the idea of outsourcing their content. Doing so can reap huge benefits, from having more time to focus on other business areas to increasing ROI without sacrificing quality output. 

When outsourcing content, it’s crucial to partner with clients who have industry expertise and a proven track record of what they can do. With the right partners, businesses find it easier to implement a long-term strategy that attracts more leads than they ever could have imagined.

Automated Content Creation

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To find out if content automation will help your team deliver better results, try out AX Semantics for free today.  

Author Bio: Prafull Sharma is the Founder of content marketing agency and author of the One-Page Content Marketing Blueprint. He shares tips to 2x your content marketing results on LeadsPanda blog. Do connect with him.

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