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Committed to Transparent Pricing

Only based on your scale

You don't have to pay for each new generation of your text.

Pricing plans are based on the amount of copy you need and cover all costs, including free updates whenever data changes or you improve your copy, or uniqueness for different channels.

The basis is simply the number of products, scaled to the different languages, brands and channels you may need copy for (or other countable text elements such as category copy, PLPs, or even completely different pieces).

Start your Journey smoothly

Start with a 3-Month Evaluation Package

This Covers your entire initial internal POC / evaluation scope, based on your custom requirements, users and organization, and assisted by our experts.

Our standardized process and product guarantee your success, without the risk of expensive service investments.

Your outcome after 3 months:
  • A ready to use setup in AX Semantics to automate your text production for a partial scope (e.g. 1 entire category or 1 text-type) of your project
  • Texts are ready to go live in that Partial Scope are ready for / to go live
  • A road-mapped Strategic plan on how to achieve fully automated text production at any scale for your organization
  • Your users are well trained to get started, expanding or setting up their own projects in AX Semantics

Flexible Plans Modules

Modular Software Licensing

Best For Growing Deployment.

We offer a modular pricing model, where based on your increasing needs and product / data coverage, additional add-ons can be added.

starts at € 899

per month

Optional: Professional Services

Optionally Augment, Scale or Outsource your writing team by our industry experts

You’ll be in good company

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive.
How (often) can I switch my plan?

Our license models are based on your needs. That's why we offer our Editor Packages on a monthly basis: If your needs change, you can increase your license plan accordingly. It's best to discuss a license switch with a member of our team and together we'll find the best solution for you.

Which license is the right one for me?

Our team will be happy to advise you on which license is the right one for you. Feel free to contact us!

What payment methods do you offer?

You can pay for your license by invoice or credit card. If you sign up yourself, you can book your license by credit card without having to talk to anyone from our team.

How long can my content be?

We support any content length, to enable your full epic product detail page or other long-form content. The default plans cover up to 2500 characters (~1 page of A4 copy), but add-ons to increase this are available.

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