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Which Software-Features and Product Enhancements are new at AX Semantics?

Reading Time 7 mins | July 15, 2020 | Written by: Carina Meyer

While we don’t publicly share our Roadmap and timeline, as to not raise false expectations, from time to time we preview some of the upcoming things. These are in most cases not the final stages of the features, but we hope it gives you a general impression on what is coming soon!

Currently a lot of new and updated features are in nearing a nice state of readiness, meaning they will go live over the next few weeks and months. Some of those have already been available for our „Lab“ users to preview, or as beta features in the App. To give you a short heads-up what will change and how it will improve your experience, we are summarising some of the more notable ones.

All updates will be accompanied by the usual announcements in our forum, so you‘ll be updated again when those are live. If you are interested in details before that, or want to test some out and give feedback, please contact your Customer Success Agent who will be happy to provide more details.

Software Features

Multi-Dataset Analysis

We have revamped the data analysis features in Analyze, to make your data analysis and extraction work easier.

You can now create multiple different analysis, with selection on data subsets down to language and collection level. Those analysis results are available in the transform tool.

This also allows you to interact with the information that make up certain data fields, creating variables from there, down to finding the document with certain values.

Next Level for Writer-centric Containers

Since we consider us a tool for writers, we are always looking at workflows and use cases that start with the creative part of the work, the writing.

Our new Containers are now comprising the whole sub-phrase that you are looking at, identifying the various grammatical parts in a way that doesn‘t force you to fiddle with linguistics - while keeping all options open for those special cases or individual needs.uised service contract. Let's focus on 5 theses, where you can distinguish products and services from the outside.


Auto-Suggest and Auto-Data-Extraction “Companion”

With our upcoming auto-suggester, our annotation AI will be working with you in real-time during your writing. Even while you are still typing, it will suggest containers based on the content of your writing, allowing you to just moderate the work of the machine to automatically create smart text.


In addition to that, our new “Data companion” (naming in progress ;] ) knows about your uploaded data, compares your writing to the available data and automatically create the necessary data extraction and variables for you – with all container settings automatically set by the magic annotator.

Since the algorithm was implemented using the information from the experiences of lots of various projects, knows about linguistic dependencies and features, and it is already able to do most of the manual work that would be necessary for tasks like lists/groups or measurements with units (just to name some examples) automatically.

For us, this feature combination of real-time AI assistance in the nature of a “Companion” that is helping you with suggestions and executing time consuming task its own, is one of the final steps that is needed to offer creative writers a “write-only” setting, where most real world NLG projects can be measured in minutes, not hours of work.


We have extended the languages supported by the magic annotator, that scans your text and automatically identifies all necessary grammatical information and auto-creates the containers.

Clone Projects

You can now duplicate your projects by cloning them, including dependencies like the documents and collections. If you are in multiple teams, you can even clone between different teams.


Performance Improvements

Since we try to show a lot of information and elements on a screen, without pesky navigational elements like pagination or nested lists, some of the larger projects feel sluggy, especially in the .

We have especially looked at improving rendering in the writer by using things like deferred loading, and in general reducing some load that some libraries cause by excluding their scope.

PS: Tip: most third-party extensions like 1pass, lastpass or ghostery, cause serious performance issues out of our control. Try to deactivate them by using incognito mode. And maybe have a look at our general performance improvement tips.

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Available in Beta on Production already:

In your advanced settings in the App, you can as of now already activate the following features. Those are features that we would really like to offer a broad user base, but still need fine-tuning in use cases, UI/UX, so we would appreciate your real-world feedback:

  • Statement Loops: Repeat a set of statements for each item in a list, with custom processing.
  • Activity Log: See what other users are changing in your project.
  • Variable Highlighting: Shows the variables contained in your selection prominently in the left sidebar.

Customer Service, Onboarding, Project Management

Besides the software itself, we have introduced some materials and processes that helps you to better understand content automation, and helps you to introduce that software into your company. We have always been commited to a quality support team via our live chat and our service desk, and our Hypercare offerings, we have now found a way to make you profit from even more experiences as part of our product.

Standardised Feedback on your Endeavour with Audits

Our Customer Success Team has always helped new customers and users extensivly. Especially during the Trial and Onboarding phase, we are actively looking at all aspects of you as a customer and your problem, not only on introducing our software.

We have put this into a standardized tool, which we call Audits. This allows you to assess your complete content automation project - from feasability to your internal team setup. based on over 100 standardized criteria we generate a report that shows you your todos, quality gates and success factors, in a condensed report that is even understandable by persons not involved into the project.

This Audit can be repeated anytime to assess your progress and issues. Ask your Customer Success Agent to walk you through!

NLG software introduction project management with Workbooks

After your initial success, most projects are bigger and require more planning or coordination with other departmens and various other project management requirements.

Since we are a software vendor, that has gets insights into lots of customer projects, we have been able to put that vast experience into a tool for our customers.

With now more than 1000 projects for our 500+ customers successfully completed, we have put all that experience from all sides and domains into one standardised project management package, which we call “Workbooks”. Specificially for NLG projects - for all topics, ranging from ecommerce and media, to finance and pharma projects.

This helps you to plan and execute the project in your company, setting up your team, IT & Data as necessary, and moderates all phases of a succesfull NLG project.

Our Customer Success Team offers a “Concierge style” service based on this: We are closely accompaning you while your project is running, based on this standardized process and materials.

Carina Meyer