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Video Trends in Content Marketing for 2023

Reading Time 2 mins | October 20, 2020 | Written by: AX Semantics

Video has long been established as a medium for content marketing, but new developments in technology and AI can initiate innovative impulses in this field. Tom Vollmer, CEO & Co-Founder of cofenster, a video edition app, has presented on the AXCD2020 the trends he considered playing an important role in the next two or three years. These are so-called fake videos, real time 3D rendering and automated video production.The AI synthesized so called “deepfake” videos seem rather irritating for some of us: Now it’s technically possible to generate new content from old videos: You can perfectly transform the things people say adapt individually.

Automation meets content - AXCD

1.Fake Videos:

Fake videos are created by artificial intelligence. New videos are generated from old recordings. For example, it is possible to put statements into the mouth of celebrities.

2. Real Time 3D Rendering:

Real-time 3D rendering is a computer graphics technology that focuses on the analysis and creation of videos in real time. The great benefit of real-time rendering is that users can interact with the rendered videos as they are created.

3. Automated Video Production

With automated video production, existing videos can be upgraded by several levels without manual creation. It is possible to add video fade-ins, music or a time lapse to the video.

Sketchnote of Tom Vollmer’s AXCD talk

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