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How to create successful personalised content - Interview with Tessa Bräutigam

Reading Time 2 mins | September 21, 2020 | Written by: Carina Meyer

As a data-driven content manager at the traditional company Prym Consumer Europe, Tessa Bräutigam is responsible for the implementation of AX Semantics. The step into a modern future through content automation will be developed under consideration of SEO aspects, customer focus and in the sense of passing on manual skills as well as appropriate company presentation. Tessa already implemented the introduction of automatic text generation to generate product texts for her previous digital employer DocMorris.

In her lecture at the virtual AXCD 2020 she will talk about her contrasting experiences during the implementation in both companies. 

What aspect of content and content marketing is most important to you?

"Personalised content which is informative, exciting, entertaining and therefore conversion-promoting is the key factor in maintaining customer interest. But the challenge is to manage mass production without presenting it as such- content automation is the key to success."

Why should the AXCD attendees watch your talk and what can they expect?

"Let's talk!? How do automated product texts for complex consumer- and emotional consumer goods differ? How do traditional and modern companies accept automation? And how do employees and colleagues react to the implementation of a robot that could change work tasks and do customers notice a difference? A talk about my experiences from three years of implementing AX Semantics."

As a speaker of the AXCD - what do you expect from the event?

"The best way to learn something is through experience! I would like to have a proactive exchange of ideas, views and practical experience to create the best possible shopping experience for the customer."


About the Automation Meets Content Day On October 6th

At the Automation meets Content Day (AXCD) on October 6, 2020, the Content Rockstars will be in the virtual spotlight. Big names and the newcomers of national and international content marketing and content automation are part of the AXCD. They will talk about the opportunities and possibilities of automation in the areas of text, images and video as well as the art of storytelling and the latest trends in search engine optimization. In addition, some companies provide exclusive insights into pioneering use cases.

Who else is on the virtual stage? You can find all speakers on the AXCD website.

Carina Meyer