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hmmh at the AXCD 2020

Reading Time 3 mins | September 29, 2020 | Written by: Sabine Schymik

hmmh is partner and sponsor at the virtual AXCD 2020. The company will be there with a booth and a session. The topic of the session is: "Sustainable Content Automation: How PIM-System an NLG complement each other"

In advance, hmmh answered the questions who they are, what the audience can expect from the session, what the company expects from the AXCD, and what advantages and disadvantages they see in virtual events versus live events.

Who are you and what does your company offer?

25 years ago hmmh brought e-commerce to Germany. Since then we have been influencing the development in this field with pioneering spirit. For us, Connected Commerce is the logical continuation of the multi-channel business, where channels become touchpoints and the boundaries between on- and offline disappear - at any time, at any place, via any device, always the right content.

hmmh's Product Data Solutions offer solutions for the constantly changing requirements of your product data.

Data Consulting: From the evaluation of your data to the individual strategy for its preparation - we provide you with comprehensive advice on all questions related to your product data

Data Management: We keep your product data up-to-date and find smart solutions for the ever-increasing demands on your data, regardless of the system environment

Content Automation: The high-quality and efficient texting of your content is more important than ever in the competition for attention. We ensure the optimal creation of your texts and product descriptions

PIM expertise: Whether it is selection, implementation or onboarding - you benefit in all questions and challenges from our many years of expertise in PIM systems

Our experienced team develops individual solutions and makes your product data fit for Connected Commerce. Take advantage of our knowledge of dense systems, the optimal process and excellent data for your long-term success.

What can AXCD visitors expect at your session and why should they definitely come to your session?

For retailers and manufacturers, high-quality and structured data are the be-all and end-all for a successful presence in online trading. Without product data and PIM, today's content creation challenges can no longer be mastered. This is because the efficient creation of multilingual, product-related text content is no longer feasible manually for an extensive and heterogeneous product range.

The product data thus forms the basis for unique product and category texts that can be generated cost-effectively using NLG. A PIM system plays an important role in the creation process, as it stores the product data in a structured way and plays the created content out into various channels.

In our Masterclass we will talk to you about experiences and challenges in PIM and text automation. Our goal is to work with you to develop answers to the most important questions about the interaction between PIM system and text automation. For example, we want to clarify the following questions: What is a PIM system actually and what must it be able to do in the context of text automation? How do PIM system and NLG complement each other?

What do you expect from the virtual AXCD? Which advantages and disadvantages do you see compared to a live event on location?

We at hmmh are looking forward to the digital version of the AXCD, as we have made many positive experiences with online events in the last months. Therefore we expect many interesting contributions and exciting discussions about a technological development that increasingly shapes e-commerce. Even though this mutual exchange will only take place virtually and not in direct personal discussions.


About the Automation Meets Content Day On October 6th

At the Automation meets Content Day (AXCD) on October 6, 2020, the Content Rockstars will be in the virtual spotlight. Big names and the newcomers of national and international content marketing and content automation are part of the AXCD. They will talk about the opportunities and possibilities of automation in the areas of text, images and video as well as the art of storytelling and the latest trends in search engine optimization. In addition, some companies provide exclusive insights into pioneering use cases.

How does the AXCD program look like? You can find the schedule and all speakers on the AXCD website.

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Sabine Schymik