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The Advantages of Automated Product Descriptions - a Testimonial from the Shoe Manufacturer JOSEF SEIBEL

Reading Time 3 mins | August 4, 2021 | Written by: Sabine Schymik

The family-owned company JOSEF SEIBEL is located in 6 locations and produces and sells high-quality shoes in more than 40 countries.

Founded in 1886, the well-established company is moving forward with a future-oriented approach. The company now uses automated product descriptions in its online store, because the advantages are clearly visible.

  • Faster time-to-market
  • Guaranteed unique content
  • Faster reaction to product changes 
  • Multilingualism
  • SEO optimization

First Steps in the Sector of Automated Product Descriptions

The biggest challenge for JOSEF SEIBEL employees is the constant creation of item descriptions with the same quality and narrative style. If there are any changes or additions to the shoe collections, the overview of the quantity of the content can quickly be lost and there is a risk for the product description to even be missing in some cases. In order to avoid this, the company now relies on AX Semantics’ software for automated content generation.

The starting point was 3,000 automated product descriptions. Since using the software required some training, the company was thankful for the initial support of AX Semantics, as well as for its partner company hmmh, which has set up the software.

Generated product descriptions for Josef Seibel Shoe “Franklyn Thunder” with AX Semantics

JOSEF SEIBEL is now adding the available descriptions on a weekly basis until the start of the new season. Afterwards, depending on the season, further descriptions will be added and adjusted accordingly.

Since the company has many future plans in the automated content generation sector, it is focusing the skills of the employees in the fields of product information management, e-commerce, as well as marketing and sales. Subsequently, the actual demand of personnel will be determined to work with AX Semantics and a team will be built up.

Positive Results of Content Automation 

After only four months of using the software for generation of automated product descriptions, the first positive results are clearly visible:

  • High quality item descriptions are available 
  • Different content versions are created for different sales channels (online store, marketplaces and B2B clients). In terms of unique content, this is highly essential.
  • Product descriptions are now created simply to the tiniest item level. This is because the automation offers the possibility to not only create product descriptions on a model level (a model can have many colors), but also down to the color level. Each individual product description can be more specific to the color of the shoe.

The Future: SEO Optimization and Internationalization

The JOSEF SEIBEL company works with a future-oriented approach and is constantly interested in further innovations and improvements.

When generating automated enumeration points, the PIM system reached its limits - this is what the company is tackling next by using AX Semantics. In addition, a SEO strategy is currently being developed and keywords should be better incorporated in the context of product descriptions. There is a great potential for landing pages between AX and the PIM system. This potential should be used next.

The shoe manufacturer has set the goal to optimize all its German content-related processes by the end of the year 2021. The internationalization will then be implemented on this basis, with a focus on multilingual product descriptions.

The Conclusion

To sum up, JOSEF SEIBEL company is convinced of the possibilities and advantages of automated content creation, saying:

“Will a machine never write better content than a human? We feel challenged and test everything that can be possible machine-wise!”

Sabine Schymik