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Increased Sales and Improved Workflows: Content Automation At Ampavo

Reading Time 3 mins | July 6, 2022 | Written by: AX Semantics

A Case Study From Ampavo Arbeitsschutz

Ampavo Arbeitsschutz was founded in 2015 as an online retailer for occupational safety and workwear. Here, both individual craftsmen and classic craft businesses can find suitable work and protective clothing, as well as industry, municipalities and professional groups from the medical sector. The online store therefore carries over 1,000 items that cater to a wide range of requirements in the field of occupational safety.

 Ampavo uses AX Semantics' software to auto generate product descriptions for its online store. In this interview we talked to Sabrina Montino-Hoehr, e-commerce marketing manager at Ampavo Arbeitsschutz, to find out about her experiences with text automation so far.         

For which purposes do you use the software of AX Semantics?

We use AX Semantics to create product descriptions for our entire product range. That can be a high-visibility vest, fashionable work trousers and even mouth and hearing protection.

A product description of Ampavo Arbeitsschutz generated with AX Semantics (German)

We have successfully generated several hundred texts this way. We are working our way through our product range from category to category - and there is still work to be done. 

What special challenge did you solve with AX Semantics' tool?

Our goal is to offer our customers real added value with our product descriptions. Each product detail page should inform as comprehensively as possible, just as a conversation with an expert advisor in the store would.

Our challenge here is that the data for a safety footwear must be many times more detailed than for a sneaker. The copywriter also needs expertise to put the data into a comprehensible and informative product description. After all, our customers need to know whether the safety footwear is actually suitable for their exact workplace. Not until this question can be answered with a sure "yes", the product photos are convincing and interest is aroused, can the purchase decision be made in our favor. 

Thanks to AX Semantics, we are now able to include all required product details in comprehensible and at the same time detailed product descriptions - and this in a fully automated and thus resource-saving way.

Detailed product description generated with AX Semantics (German)

Which goals do you intend to achieve with content automation?

After we have configured the AX Semantics software according to our wishes, the texts are now generated within a very short time. 

Thanks to AX Semantics, we are able to generate product descriptions with a consistent wording and quality and structure. This makes the product descriptions appealing to read, and at the same time they contain all necessary and purchase-deciding details. 

Can you already see any effects from the use of automated texts?

We can see that the revenue of the products created with AX Semantics has increased. Consequently, our customers are rewarding the work done to upgrade the texts.

There are still many more products for which the descriptions are to be optimized to meet our quality standards. As a result, we hope to generate increasing sales. We will therefore generate further product descriptions using the same principle for the time being.

Which aspects of your workflow have changed due content automation?

Thanks to the natural language generation software from AX Semantics, we have been able to improve our workflow. As the product descriptions are now created faster, we can invest more time in other tasks. This helps and unburdens our team enormously.  

The tool from AX Semantics is ultimately like another highly reliable and productive member of the copywriting team: once you tell it how to interpret the data and convert it into text, you don't want to go without it.  

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