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Startup Autobahn, Chatbots and IoT: Interview with Frank Feulner

Reading Time 2 mins | February 27, 2019 | Written by: Heike Hoppmann

Frank, what's your conclusion on EXPO Day #5 on the Startup Autobahn?

The event was a very pleasant occasion for us, as we were able to present our successfully completed Proof of Concept. After 100 days of work, the excitement was naturally great to present our chatbot, which allows the user to talk to an industrial plant. But the day actually had more in store for us: We had a great booth and got in touch with many other Plug and Play Enterprise customers. Not least because Plug and Play personally introduced us as one of only four companies to selected press and company representatives during the Innovation Walks.

You say that you have come into contact with many Enterprise customers - what is the current interest in?

It turned out that we hit a nerve with our customers with our Proof of Concept of a chatbot. In the automotive sector, in-car communication is particularly in demand. There are numerous ways of using our software, for example as a personal assistant, interactive instructions in the car or in emergency situations. There is also great interest in the use of our software in manufacturing communication and reporting. Here, too, our software offers completely new possibilities and possibilities for scaling.

What are the plans for the coming months?

For us, this is definitely confirmation that our product has great potential in the automotive market and a great opportunity to expand our activities here. However, we are also planning to participate in the Selection Days of the Plug and Play e-commerce and tourism program coming to Germany this year. In these markets our software is already being used in many different ways, so of course we would like to use the great connections of Plug and Play to get in touch with other major customers.

More information about the Startup Autobahn powered by Plug and Play:

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