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AX Semantics As A Wake-up Call

Reading Time 5 mins | July 6, 2022 | Written by: Anne Geyer

How Text Automation Has a Positive Effect On Other Company Branches at Ventano 

Ventano is a manufacturer of replicas of historic door and window fittings and thus an old and traditional craftsmanship company. So, why does such a company choose to use text automation - and for what purpose? Moreover, what has been the impact of content automation on the company?

Old craftsmanship meets AI

It was Ventano's copywriter who actually gave the impulse for text automation. His task was to create texts for hundreds of door knobs, sets and window handles, which often differed by only one feature. Manually, this was a very time-consuming or even impossible task. So Ventano needed a solution - and it was found quickly: Automating product descriptions with the help of artificial intelligence (AI)!

First steps: Ventano's path to text automation

Before Ventano was able to start the automation of their product descriptions in full force, they had to resolve a couple of problems. After all, the company didn't have a structured data set that AX Semantics' software could use as a basis for the text creation. 

Therefore, Ventano generated a file with the attribute models of their products. At the same time, they got familiar with the functioning of the AX Semantics NLG software.

Attribute model at Ventano © Klaus-Martin Meyer/Ventano

First results and a tremendous increase in sales

Once the data was well structured, text automation massively accelerated the output of product descriptions at Ventano. As there were only 194 descriptions written manually before text automation, the number rose to about 2,000 in the same period of time, thanks to the tool of AX Semantics. The automated product descriptions ensured a better customer experience, which had a positive impact on the company's balance sheet in many respects.

As a result, sales of individual components increased by about 50 percent and the conversion rate by up to 15 percent due to improved landing pages. Furthermore, Ventano is now able to sellcomponents that previously did not have a description. Moreover, even the sale of non-bestsellers increased. This not only means that Ventano sells significantly more products, but also a broader range of products.

  Example of an automated product description. © Klaus-Martin Meyer/Ventano

Text automation reduces the workload of employees

However, it's not just in terms of sales that Ventano can score a success. Thanks to better landing pages that provide customers with more relevant information, the customer service receives significantly fewer calls.

Also, the phone calls are shorter than before, which is a work relief for employees. This trend is reflected in the company’s website KPIs as well: the bounce rate has decreased, while the time spent on the website has increased by around five percent.

"AX Semantics was also a wake-up call to take a closer look at our internal processes." 
- Klaus-Martin Meyer, Marketing Manager at Ventano

Text automation reveals shortages and weaknesses

"AX Semantics was a wake-up call", says Klaus-Martin Meyer, marketing manager at Ventano. By that he means that the introduction of text automation has put Ventano's internal processes to the test

For instance, the company was faced with the fact that they did not have a data collection of attributes of its own products. Ventano was also able to make adjustments to its internal communications, identify weak spots and mend them. 

The introduction of text automation also accelerated other processes. For example, the image production of the products was soon unable to keep up with the increased text output. Ventano now had so much text available that there were not enough images for their product descriptions. Additionally, manual image processing was very time-consuming. Ventano found a solution for this and now uses tools to speed up the process.

All in all, Ventano was able to significantly improve their website and thus the customer experience thanks to text automation. Thanks to more keywords being built into the texts and the implementation of an extensive filter option on the company's website. This enables customers to find the desired products faster, more easily, and more purposefully

Filter option on Ventano's website © Klaus-Martin Meyer/Ventano 

Text automation opens the door to new developments

With all these encouraging developments, Ventano is far from having reached the end of its end-to-end optimization efforts. The company has many plans for the future. For example, a second colleague is to be entrusted with text automation in order to further develop product texts

Ventano is also aiming to accelerate the sale of B-stock. The goal is to be able to photograph B-stock items with an app quickly and easily, then to classify the quality level in a next step, and to immediately place the item online with an automated description. This would prove to be a further workload reduction and process acceleration.

Additionally, Ventano aims to offer personalized texts for returning website visitors and logged-in visitors in order to display product descriptions that are customized to their needs and preferences.

Another goal is to expand the attribute set in regard to new products that target the new construction market and, for example, evolve around soccer. This will allow the company to address and develop new target groups.

We wish Ventano all the best and continued success for their future projects and goals!

Anne Geyer