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Automatically Connect Data Sources, Generate & Publish Texts Using Zapier & AX Semantics

Reading Time 2 mins | November 5, 2020 | Written by: Sabine Schymik

Quite often we hear these two questions: How do i get my data in the AX NLG Cloud to generate texts? And how can i export my AX automated texts into the target app or software? 

There is no need to rack your brains about it - there are several options. One of them is the AX Semantics app in Zapier. 

About Zapier and AX Semantics

Zapier is a web service that automatically links actions between different web apps and synchronizes their applications so that they execute the desired processes. Examples of these connected applications besides many others are office applications, E-commerce apps, or Mail Apps.

AX Semantics is a self-service Natural Language Generation (NLG) software that makes the writing of content scalable– from E-Commerce to Pharma, Finance and Banking.

Advantages and Simplification

Merging Zapier and AX Semantics means that you can now create automated processes. This brings so many simplifications and advantages!

Because with the app it is now possible to link over 2.000 external data sources like Salesforce, Meganto, Shopify, WordPress and many more with AX Semantics. You can use these data sources as a basis for automated text generation and to publish these texts automatically.

With the app you can e.g.:

  • send data from any Zapier task into the AX NLG Cloud for data processing and text generation
  • receive an automatically generated text back as a Zapier action
  • combining this with auto-generation inside our platform allows you for fully automated content production inside any Zapier workflow

Two easy examples

One example is that you can automatically post your AX NLG Cloud generated content to your onlineshop or website right away. You only have to define a trigger and a predefined, conditional action. The trigger in this case is the AX generated content, the action is the post in your onlineshop or on your website. Now every time you create content on the AX NLG platform a post is created on your website.

Another example for the connection between AX and Zapier is that you can automatically import your product data in your AX Semantics Account as soon as you create a new or update an existing product.

See Zapier as a perfect solution that is easy to integrate and that combines the unique AX Natural Language Generation (NLG) software with a wide range of existing services!

Get the AX Semantics NLG app inside your Zapier account.

Sabine Schymik