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Welcome to the future: Content Automation on Amazon

Reading Time 4 mins | November 3, 2020 | Written by: Carina Meyer

Automating content is always useful if you need a large amount of it. But is it possible to create 10 000 product texts, 32 videos and 15 000 product images in a single day? Stefan Gutheil the CEO & Founder of ICONIC SALES can tell you how to do this, because he and his team have already implemented content volumes in these dimensions for the Amazon marketplace.

Automation meets content - AXCD

Stefan Gutheil

Stefan Gutheil

In his presentation on the AXCD 2020, he clearly pointed out what is significant when it comes to content - no matter whether it is handmade or automated: You have to keep an eye on the relevance of the information for the users. Content must answer the questions that the user asks. Without this orientation towards the customer, optimization is directionless, he notes.

When it comes to text, implementing the product data as a base for the content can be automated relatively effectively, however, the effort for images that convey the USP remains high.

Yet the challenges of quality requirements for online selling are still high:

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