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The key of successful content - Interview with Björn Darko & Malte Landwehr

Reading Time 3 mins | September 10, 2020 | Written by: Carina Meyer

Björn Darko works as Director Digital Strategies Group EMEA at Searchmetrics, where he heads the consulting unit of the software provider. Previously, Björn was Head of SEO at Ringier, where he was responsible for Blick Group publications and Head of SEO for, Switzerland’s largest online marketplace. He specializes in large and complex websites with a focus on strategy, technical SEO & Content Marketing. Malte Landwehr is Head of SEO at Idealo. Previously he was VP Product at Searchmetrics, worked in a management consultancy, did research on social media at the WWU, co-founded seoFactory GmbH and built one of the 50 largest German blogs. Besides search engine optimization and product management he is interested in the platform economy, the Passion Economy and the NoCode movement.

They will be part of the virtual AXCD 2020 and share their knowledge in an exciting discussion about “The Evolution of Content”. In advance, Björn and Malte answered questions about successful content.

What aspect of content and content marketing is most important to you?

Malte Landwehr “It is important to me that for each created piece of content it is clear, where it is located in the user journey, to which persona or target group it is directed and that it contributes to the company goals.”

Björn Darko "Here I would still clearly emphasize the User & Search Intent as an elementary part of the journey. To process and provide content in such a way that the user gets the answer he is looking for in the appropriate format (text, video, audio, image, etc.) on the platform used by the user (Google, Facebook, TikTok), Bingo!”

Why should the AXCD attendees watch your talk and what can they expect?

Two different minds which complement each other wonderfully and discuss exciting insights from SaaS, eCommerce, consulting, product management & SEO.

As a speaker of the AXCD - what do you expect from the event?

Exciting insights into the use of automated text in the market and its impact on key business figures and how to increase the effectiveness of marketing activities with the help of automatically generated text content.


About the Automation Meets Content Day On October 6th

At the Automation meets Content Day (AXCD) on October 6, 2020, the Content Rockstars will be in the virtual spotlight. Big names and the newcomers of national and international content marketing and content automation are part of the AXCD. They will talk about the opportunities and possibilities of automation in the areas of text, images and video as well as the art of storytelling and the latest trends in search engine optimization. In addition, some companies provide exclusive insights into pioneering use cases.

Who else is on the virtual stage? You can find all speakers on the AXCD website.

Carina Meyer