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Human first - Thank you all for this thrilling and insightful AXCD 2020!

Reading Time 2 mins | October 12, 2020 | Written by: Sabine Schymik

“Human first” - in his keynote at the beginning of the conference Saim Alkan outlined the motto of this year's AXCD 2020. This was meant as an invitation to expand the discussion of the current topics of content and content marketing such as digitization and artificial intelligence. The point of view was taken up by the speakers and experts who took in particular notice of the human part of content production and automation. 

10 Lectures and 9 Masterclasses

There were more than 9 hours of compressed knowledge in a huge range of topics, like the art of asking the right questions (Pia Frey), the challenge of publishing 3000 products in 17 different languages in 6 months (Jakob Høy Biegel) or the essential questions of why & how of content design (Robert Weller) - and these are just a random pick of exemples. 

Topics: Content, Content Marketing & Content Automation

Due to the current situation, the conference was held virtually, which resulted in a more intimate atmosphere. Instead of light effects and drama on a big stage, the focus remained on the speakers who offered a personal view into their world.

So their presentations seem to be more concerned with communicating personal insights and sharing of the experience the speakers made in dealing with content, content production or content marketing, and what they consider current trends and opportunities than with achieving effects.  

Virtual Visitor Bag

All the lectures and masterclasses were supported by a lively community of more than 250 participants who were actively engaged in discussions and question rounds.Thank all of you for joining and supporting - you made the conference very special! And if you haven’t done it yet, get your AXCD virtual visitor bag right now! You will find a bundle of additional information and the slides of the presentations - and you have to take a look at the illustrated sketchnotes! 

Thanks also to all speakers, helpers, and of course to all sponsors! 

See you next year on the AXCD 2021!

Sabine Schymik