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Do you think questions are that powerful? Pia Frey can tell you

Reading Time 2 mins | October 20, 2020 | Written by: AX Semantics

“(…) and to try to love the questions themselves.” Pia Frey, co-founder of Opinary, shares this recommendation of the German poet Rainer Maria Rilke with enthusiasm.
In the AXCD talk she describes the great impact of questions on humans. We are profoundly trained to answer questions because unanswered questions will be like open tasks for our brain. And we all have the impulse to complete them. Children are masters in asking questions, so they can keep the attention of their parents. For Pia Frey there is great potential in working with questions in marketing by translating this phenomenon into a content campaign.

Automation meets content - AXCD

But not all questions are equal. They must be specifically designed, in particular with regard to the target group. Questions have different impacts on different groups, so the reaction to questions will vary if you ask women or men for example. But in any case a question drives people into a conversation and engages them with a topic. And so Pia Frey summed up her talk “Having a good question, targeting the right audience, will lead to high engagement.”

Sketchnote of Pia Frey’s AXCD talk
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