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How to Boost Your Content Within One Day

Reading Time 4 mins | March 19, 2019 | Written by: Heike Hoppmann

Content Marketing is important, without a doubt! But let's be honest, it’s also very difficult to get it done. Where to start? Who is our audience? What are they interested in? How can I publish stories frequently with my small staff? We are about to tell you how to leverage your content marketing potential in just one day. Whether you start from zero or just want to expand your existing activities: there is an easy way to get more awareness for your company.

Automate content curation and enhance your visibility

A very fast way to get more content done is to refer to interesting blog posts or news articles that relate to your business context – for example on your own blog or LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram account. But you don’t want to just link to these articles; you want to add value for your audience. Why did you choose this particular blog post for you audience? What is in it for them? We show you how to automate exactly this type of content curation so that you get the first results tomorrow.

What do you get?

Interesting blog posts or newspaper articles that refer to your business context will automatically be posted on your blog and your social media channels with enriched announcements. And the best thing is: you can make announcements in any language you want. The whole workflow will be automated with AX Semantics and its integrations.  

What do you have to do?

  1. Make a list of interesting blogs or newspapers and their RSS feeds. You don’t need a ton of items. You can add more later.
  2. Create a keyword cloud that relates to the topics of your company. You can also add keywords later – just start with some.
  3. Use AX Semantics to automate your message that should be added to the blog post.
  4. Automate the whole workflow with the integrations of AX Semantics.
  5. Every time you add a new blog or keyword to your list it will be published automatically.

Here is an example

Let’s say you have an e-commerce business and it's focused on gardening tools. You would make a list of blogs that your potential customers are reading, e.g., home and garden blogs. Import the RSS feed data of these blogs into AX Semantics. It's possible to fully automate this process via Zapier. Think about which keywords in the blog posts relate to your business context, e.g., “Garden DIY”, “upcycling”, “gardening”, “garden decorations”, “garden care”, etc. Then use AX Semantics to generate content that enriches your referenced links.

In your social media channels it could look like this:

“See what we found for you at #DIY #upcycling #homeandgarden”

“For all early birds out there: See this DIY about garden care …”

On your blog you may want to include a longer teaser like this:

10 Ways to Keep Your Garden Healthy

"This is a great blog article about garden care tips. What do you think about Tip number 4?

One of the most mystifying things that can happen in your garden is when a plant gets a disease. How did it happen? Will it spread? Will all my plants die? How can I get rid of it?

The most important thing to understand about disease prevention is something called the disease triangle. Disease can only happen when three things coincide: you have a plant that can get sick (a host), a pathogen (like a fungus, bacterium, or virus) that can attack the plant, and environmental conditions (like humidity or drought) that promote the disease. If any one of these things is not present, the disease will not happen, so prevention involves knocking out at least one side of the triangle. Rather than waiting for a problem to pop up in your garden, consider the best defense against disease to be a good offense. What follows are 10 ways you can eliminate at least one side of the disease triangle and keep your plants healthy. "

You can also automatically add suitable pictures to your postings.

Get more visibility: from individual social media posts to your blog and then to the original blog.

Let’s sum this up!

You can easily start getting more helpful content for your audience on your blog and social media channel by automating the curation of content. This technique helps you improve your visibility quickly and easily.

To start a working automated workflow takes about one day, maybe two, if you are not so familiar with the tools you need. But hey, what are two days for 100 % more content than you had before?

Start now !


Heike Hoppmann

Heike Hoppmann believes in the power of words. The use of words can be creative, but above all it must be purposeful. Writing is not an end in itself. As a mentor and coach for editorial management and digital transformation processes, she has successfully conveyed this idea to many online editors. And today it is the guiding principle of her work as PR Manager at AX Semantics GmbH.