Case Study

How rabbit eMarketing Hyper-Personalizes Their E-Mails


The Case

The full-service agency develops highly individualized and hyper-personalized marketing campaigns alongside their clients. They deliver highly individualized content by email and other individualized channels. The campaigns are usually based on data about products that customers have already purchased. The agency wants to help their clients to address every customer individually and offer them products fitting their individual needs. This increases the added value for the customers and addresses each customer personally.

The Challenge

rabbit eMarketing wanted to further personalize and individualize content and therefore needed support to optimize the processes. At the same time, they wanted to be able to create texts in many different languages. This is a very time consuming task that would need a lot of man power. Their goals:

  • Generate hyper-personalized emails
  • Create emails in multiple languages
  • Create high-quality email campaigns

AX Semantics is a tool for creatives who want to generate relevant and understandable texts.

nikolaus-von-graeve-rabbit-emarketingNikolaus von Graeve, CEO of Rabbit eMarketing

The Solution

The rabbit eMarkting team knew they had to find a way to individualize their email campaigns and automate their delivery. To achieve this high personalization standard, the company decided to use AX Semantics' software.

  1. Generate scalable hyper personalized emails

    With the help of AX Semantics' content automation software, the company creates highly personalized email campaigns. There is no need to use ready-made content elements anymore. In turn, the company's clients reach each of their customers personally and can address them according to their needs.
  2. Quick internationalization of email content

    With the help of the AX Semantics software, rabbit eMarketing has the ability to generate and personalize content in 110 languages. So they are now able to offer their clients email marketing in multiple languages. The software supports the company in implementing multilingual projects as efficiently as possible.
  3. Scalable high-quality content

    With the content automation software of AX Semantics, rabbit eMarketing is able to scale emails and the individualized content. Planned campaigns are automatically personalized with the software's help as, at the same time, it saves a lot of time of the agency's staff.
Examples of individualized emails by rabbit eMarketing

The Results

All emails offer detailed, highly individualized and hyper-personalized content in multiple languages. The right information can be sent individually to each reader at the right time with added value. Content automation also reduced the time needed for email creation. Furthermore, this process is now scalable, and results in saving costs and time of the agency's employees.

rabbit eMarketing

rabbit eMarketing is a full-service agency for one-to-one multichannel and email marketing as well as display and social media advertising. Their focus is to help their clients to built and develop their customer relations. Therefore, the agency offers professional and highly individualized email-marketing, marketing automation and CRM.