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Alternatives to Textbroker and Co. – The Copywriting Agency Comparison

Reading Time 9 mins | November 23, 2021 | Written by: Saim Alkan

Unique and impactful content is vital for a successful online presence. Well-written, customized content increases the visibility in search engines, among others, and leads to an increase of the conversion rate, but the priority is creating individual content for the reader.

Are copywriting agencies the right choice for creating unique and convincing content, or is automated content creation an alternative to conventional content creation?

We have examined various solutions and summed them up for you!

Automated Content Creation: An Alternative to Copywriting Agencies

As an alternative to copywriting agencies, it is possible to generate unique and meaningful content with the help of automated copywriting. This is especially profitable when a large amount of content is required. In order to create individual content with automated content creation, all that users need is structured data. This forms the information basis for automated content. Automated content generation has a significant advantage compared to manual content creation in terms of repetitive writing tasks: A structure of sentences and rules has to be created only once by the user of the platform. Once created, an unlimited number of unique content can be generated at the push of a button. Also, content updates can be carried out centrally and applied to all texts.

Textbroker - The Industry's Heavyweight among Copywriting Agencies is a platform which allows to outsource the content creation quickly and easily. The online copywriting agency offers simple content, specialized content, product descriptions and multilingual content in 36 languages - all of them written by qualified writers.

SEO optimization can also be provided by indicating the desired keywords.

The order is placed by a simple process via the provider's website. Once registered, the job and briefing are created and money is deposited. As the briefing must be comprehensible, it takes different amounts of time and effort depending on the field of the order. Afterwards, the desired content is written and checked by the writers and subsequently handed over. The writers are freelancers who have registered on the website, accept individual projects both at fixed prices, or negotiate them individually, depending on the type of the job.

Over 80,000 customers such as eBay, 1&1, Xing or Scout24 have already used the company's service, according to their own statements, resulting in over 10 million copywriting jobs. The online agency advertises very favorable prices, from 1.5 cents per word to 6.5 cents for a translation. Furthermore, there are fixed prices for releasing all writers, as well as individual prices for the own writer choice.

The price charts additionally vary depending on the quality level, type of order and time limit, which results in the final cost. Compared to other copywriting agencies, prices are relatively affordable, which is why the payment of the writers is rather low. - The Online Provider for all Types of Content

The copywriting agency is an online provider for all types of content, such as SEO optimized content for agencies, bloggers, store operators or companies. The translations are possible into 29 mainly European languages and are handled by the partner “Sprachenfabrik”.

An account can be created, money can be loaded and a job can be released via the company's simply designed website. A briefing may be required for the job. Then, the ordered content is written and delivered. The content is created by freelancers that are registered on the website of the copywriting agency. The writers can accept individual projects at fixed prices, or negociate them separately, depending on the type of the job.

When customers want a translation, passes the translation order on to its partner Sprachfabrik.

More than 6,500 authors work on the platform, writing content for customers such as, Flaconi and Viessmann. 

As a large number of writers are registered with the copywriting agency, a high volume of content can also be handled in a short time. Quality and plagiarism control is included in the service. 

The costs for the content amount to a basic price of 80 cents per job and additionally per word from 1.3 cents, depending on the quality level and job. If there is a release for all writers, there is a fixed price, while individual prices apply if writers choose their own content pieces. - The Premium Provider among Copywriting Agencies is a copywriting agency for high-quality SEO content.

Among other things, content can be provided in the form of product descriptions, blog articles, specialized articles, and advertising material in English and German. The company's services are used by customers such as Metro, Thyssenkrupp and Turkish Airlines.

After registration on the clear and modern website, the client is assigned a contact person with whom the requested order is reviewed and who is responsible for the support both during and after the order. The content creation is provided by a dedicated team of trained writers.

The company places a lot of emphasis on uniqueness, creativity, individuality and complete support during content creation.

For this service, no prices are publicly mentioned, as payment is not made by word count and each project has an individual price, which is already agreed upon in advance. - The Online Marketplace for Digital Services, the online marketplace, provides services offered by freelancers and is Germany’s biggest freelancer provider. 2.5 million people in 160 countries worldwide use the platform. Fiverr provides services such as logo creation, web design, content creation for social media, translations and SEO. In the content creation field, customers have a wide range to choose from, such as translations, proofreading, blog posts, technical writing, sales content and many more.

Thereby, customers who are interested in having their content created have two options. They can either search for a freelancer on the clearly laid out website and make an inquiry. Or, they create an offer for freelancers who are registered on the platform to apply to.

Once a freelancer has been chosen to carry out the assignment, he or she will individually implement the content creation. For customers looking for a serious freelancer, the online marketplace offers an internal certification process for serious freelancers through Fiverr Pro Service.

The prices for the content creation are to be negotiated individually.  Thanks to the wide range of freelancers, there is something to be found in every price segment, but Fiverr Pro is significantly more expensive. Particularly in the low-priced segment, many offers come from Eastern Europe and Asia. - The Job Portal for Content Services of All Types is a job placement portal based on individual ads and is specialized in web content, print, ghostwriting and press releases.

Customers can post their job free of charge on the website which has a minimalist design and is a bit tricky to use. Afterwards, a freelancer accepts the order and delivers the content. Customers can also accept offers from freelancers directly.

As there is a surplus of providers on the placement portal, customers will receive several offers for each ad. 

Even though the ad creation and service are for free, the website displays advertisements in return. A review is performed prior to the publication of the jobs. As a standard, this results in one to two hours delay until a job is published. The costs for one content piece are individual, depending on the price negotiation and the offers. The cost for simple content is about 2-5 cents per word and for special topics about 5 cents per word and up. - The Marketplace for Content Creation

Freelancers and project managers can offer their services on the online services platform provider WriterAccess.

Once registered on the clear and modern platform, customers are offered a possible selection of freelancers depending on their desired requirements.

To this date, 2.5 million projects from approximately 40,000 customers have been completed. There are more than 20,000 freelancers active on the platform and 32 tools available on the site. Besides writers, the online provider also has proofreaders', translators' and designers' profiles.

Potential customers can test the tool for 14 days for free or book a free demo. Once customers decide to use the site, they can choose between three different monthly subscriptions (from $39 for one user to $99 for unlimited users). In addition, there are further fees for the content and projects, depending on the amount of work involved and the size of the project. Prices range from 2 cents to $2 per word for a content piece and $25 to over $200 per project.

The online service provider,, is a platform with its main focus on content marketing. Thanks to the modern and clear site, members can post advertisements and then select a freelancer who will deliver the first draft as quickly as possible.

Among its clients are IBM, LinkedIn, Adidas and Adobe and up to now, the company has completed more than 200,000 jobs from a total of 50,000 customers.Its services cover all areas of content marketing and it focuses on high-quality and complex content with several review processes. In the process, the costs amount to various membership plans starting at $199 per month, depending on the user and the number of content pieces.

Automated Content Creation: An Alternative to Copywriting Agencies

As an alternative to copywriting agencies, unique and meaningful texts can also be generated with the help of automated content creation. This brings some advantages, as shown in this table:

In general, two technologies can be distinguished here: GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) and data-to-text.

1. GPT Technologies

GPT stands for Generative Pre-trained Transformer and is a language model that uses Deep Learning to generate natural language. It uses a large corpus of data to generate natural sounding speech or text. GPT has been trained with a huge amount of text from the Internet and is able to generate text based on it.
GPT-based technologies, such as ChatGPT, are suitable for generating individual texts or as creative support. Here it is necessary to check each individual text for correctness.

2. Data-to-Text Technologies

Data-to-text refers to the automated production of natural language texts based on structured data. The user has full control over the text result, can intervene in the text production at any time and make updates or adjustments. This ensures text consistency, meaningfulness and quality. The texts are also personalizable and scalable. This means that tools based on structured data can, for example, create hundreds of texts on products with variable details in just a few moments. Automated text generation with data-to-text is therefore particularly worthwhile when a large number of text is required.

Conclusion: Automated Content Creation vs. Copywriting Agency:  Which one is more efficient?

One can get professional content both through copywriting agencies and with the help of automated content creation. Automated content generation has a number of advantages. For example, text generation does not have to be outsourced.

Which text generator, GPT or data-to-text, is suitable depends on the type of text to be created. If only a few texts are to be generated and the data situation is poor, a GPT-based solution is a good alternative. For an e-commerce company that wants to create thousands of product descriptions for an online store, a data-to-text technology like AX Semantics makes sense because of the scaling effect.
In addition, automated content creation with data-to-text software like AX Semantics offers the following advantages:

  1. Through the automation of repetitive writing tasks, human productivity is increased manifold and, besides cost savings, up to 80% of the time spent is saved
  2. Through the unique configuration of the software, users themselves determine the design of the content. This has another advantage: all content genuinely sound exactly as the customer wants it to. The content has a consistent quality and tone.
  3. Automated content creation also positively distinguishes itself from conventional copywriting agencies, mainly due to the scalable content creation in many languages.
  4. In addition, all content is SEO-compliant thanks to special features. Lastly, the automation of content especially makes it easier for employees to perform repetitive writing tasks. Time-consuming briefings and consultation rounds with external service providers are no longer required.
Saim Alkan

Saim Rolf Alkan is Chief Executive Officer at AX Semantics and a pioneer in the field of automated content generation. After successfully working in content for years, he decided that businesses needed a better tool: one that would allow man and machine to work together to produce the volume of content needed to thrive in the digital age. Saim developed a content solution that generates high-quality texts from data in 110 languages for use in industries including e-commerce, publishing and finance. He is also a lecturer and speaker in the fields of online communication and "robot journalism" and has written several books and numerous articles.