Case Study

How TVH Automatically Creates a Wide Range of Product Descriptions in 11 Languages


The Case

TVH has a large database of more than 46 million items for material handling, industrial vehicles, as well as construction and agricultural equipment. Because they are a global company with a huge product portfolio, they need a lot of product descriptions in many different languages. It is also important that the descriptions can be easily updated.

The Challenge

Due to the large number of items, it would have been impossible to create all the necessary product descriptions manually. Another problem TVH faced was the translation of all product descriptions into all of the company's business languages, eleven in total. In general, a solution was needed to handle the large number of items.

Their goals:

  • Efficiently generate large volumes of product descriptions based on product features
  • Keep the product descriptions up-to-date at all times and with minimal effort
  • Generate texts in all eleven business languages
  • Import all generated texts into TVH's PIM system

Thanks to AX Semantics, generating product descriptions for a product group of 5,000 items and more becomes a breeze.

niels-willaert-tvhNiels Willaert, Product Marketing Specialist at TVH

The Solution

The TVH team knew they needed to find a solution to automatically generate a large number of high-quality product descriptions, so they decided to use AX Semantics.

1. Generate product descriptions on scale

With the AX Semantics software, TVH is able to generate product descriptions quickly and efficiently for large quantities of items, as a product group can contain more than 5,000 items, for example. By linking the product data to AX Semantics, TVH can automatically generate the required product descriptions in the desired structure and tonality.

2. Up-to-date product descriptions

Whenever the data changes, TVH can update its texts directly on the AX Semantics platform. Based on the available data sets, the texts are automatically updated with the latest information and data.

3. Quick content generation in eleven languages

TVH needs content in eleven languages. With AX Semantics, it is possible to generate automated texts in more than 110 languages. Since semantic rules are language independent and can therefore be applied to any language, there are excellent synergy effects that result in additional scaling as more languages are implemented. As a result, high-quality texts are produced in all required languages, while the company saves on translation costs and time.

4. Automated import of texts into the PIM System

Thanks to the AX Semantics API, the product descriptions generated by TVH are dynamically imported into their PIM system. Whenever they update the data and texts in AX Semantics, the texts in the PIM system are automatically updated as well. This way, every department has the same knowledge and database about every product.

Example of an automated generated text in TVH’s web shop.

The Results

Thanks to AX Semantics, TVH has been able to generate product descriptions for more than 145 product groups consisting of 32,000 different products. In 2022, TVH automatically generated more than 300,500 texts. Other benefits of content automation:

  • Automated content creation on scale, descriptions for new products are generated quickly
  • Descriptions in all 11 business languages, reducing translation time and costs
  • Product descriptions are always up-to-date and can be easily adapted
  • Consistent quality because of rule-based text creation
  • Efficient import of generated texts into TVH’s PIM system


TVH is a parts specialist, founded in 1969. Today, the Belgian company is a global player in parts and accessories for forklifts, industrial vehicles, construction and agricultural machinery. It operates internationally, with subsidiaries in North and South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia. TVH has more than 6,000 employees worldwide.