Case Study

How Otto Creates an Enormous Amount of Product Descriptions


The Case

The Otto Group is not only one of the largest online stores in Germany. It is also a globally active group of retailers and trade-related service providers. For the enormous volume of products such as clothing, shoes, multimedia, household and more, Otto needs a scalable content solution.

The Challenge

Otto had the challenge of creating and updating many product descriptions that had to be unique and offer added value to readers. The amount of work required by Otto for the mass of product descriptions was challenging to manage manually.   Their goals:
  • Create and update a huge number of product descriptions for over 15 categories
  • Update product descriptions quickly
  • Offer readers real added value with the product descriptions so that conversions increase

Automated product descriptions are the future in the field of e-commerce

Patrick-Zackert-OttoFrankie Franks
Senior Product E-Commerce Manager at

The Solution

The company decided to create its product descriptions with the help of AX Semantics' automated content creation software to speed up content writing processes.
  1. Adaptation and updating of content within the shortest time possible

    Products are developed further, new products are launched on the market. Content often needs to be adjusted and updated with a vast product range like Otto. This would not be possible manually. With the help of AX Semantics software, Otto can implement changes once centrally in the tool and apply them to all relevant texts simultaneously.   
  2. Automation of repetitive writing tasks

    With AX Semantics content automation software, Otto can create many product descriptions based on their PIM data. Due to the high product variety, Otto proceeds here according to their shop categories. After the initial configuration of the AX tool, product descriptions for a whole category can be generated with one click.
  3. Increase of content quality and conversion rate

    High-quality product descriptions are created by configuring the content, wording, tonality, and structure individually. They incorporate seasonal and event-related content into product descriptions where it fits – no big task thanks to automation. This arouses the reader's interest and fits their current information needs perfectly. The descriptions are indistinguishable from handwritten ones.
This is a smartphone product description generated with AX Semantics. Otto also generates text for numerous other product categories.

The Results

More than 100,000 high-quality and unique product descriptions were automatically created for multiple brands and over 15 categories, including tablets, home cinema systems, and coffee machines. Using AX Semantics' software can save process costs, and the employees have more time for other essential tasks. In addition, the product descriptions contain fewer errors due to automation compared to handwritten descriptions.


Otto is Germany's largest online store offering a variety of different products and has been using AX Semantics' software since 2011. The company is represented in more than 30 countries in Europe, North and South America as well as Asia and is one of the largest online retailers in the world.