Automated Text Generation in 27+ languages.

The AX Semantics NLG Cloud: a software that writes. 

AX Semantics produces your texts in over 27 languages at the touch of a button and in perfect tonality. Generate your product descriptions, news articles or reports in written natural language.

Reduce Time to Content

Generate your content within seconds. No more waiting for editors or translators. 


Generate valuable content and satisfy your users' information needs.


AX Semantics provides content in 27+ languages, enabling new domains without worrying about translators.

Cost reduction

Reduce your cost of content with the AX Semantics NLG Cloud, starting with 5c per SKU.

A Tool for Editors

Our tools give you access to the complete Natural Language Generation toolchain, including all grammatical functions, data extraction, detection means and delivery methods.

100% SaaS: Everything is available from your desk via your browser. No programming skills, no SDK needed.

Powerful text generation

The AX Semantics Natural Language Generation Platform creates meaningful written content: product descriptions, news articles, business reports, documentation and more.

This content is perfectly similar to human written content – because it is interpreting your editorial input.

Any Content, Any Language

We currently provide 27+ languages, including for example english, german, arabic and chinese, russian, polish or finish. 

All content is being generated in the native target language – but can be based on polyglotty data, enabling you for example to generate french content from spanish data.

100% Content Automation

Everything is provided via API, so you can completely automate your content production. Upload data and get the generated text back via REST API Calls or instant Webhooks. 

We provide real-time content production and scale up to millions of texts per day!

1. Input your data

2. Configure your ruleset

⇠ Free Sandbox license to get to know the tool

⇠ Free Tutorial and eLearning to get you started

You can upgrade to any paid plan, anytime.

Let the software do your writing!

Your Data, your Content!

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