Case Study

How VENTANO Increased Their Turnover Tenfold


The Case

Ventano’s range of goods is about 15,000 products, with various possible combinations. The manufacturer counts approximately 100,000 customers from all over the world.

The Challenge

Ventano’s copywriter was faced with the task to create product descriptions for their new door fittings line. Because of the numerous material, color, and size combinations available, the number of texts needed was expanding into the thousands. Obviously, it was impossible to write the product descriptions manually and in an appropriate amount of time.

Their goals:

  • Create all necessary product descriptions
  • Save time and manpower
  • Introduce filter function on website

Automated product descriptions are an enormous relief and save a lot of time.

Klaus-Martin-Meyer-2Klaus-Martin Meyer
Head of Marketing at Ventano

The Solution

The Ventano team knew they needed to find a way to automate the creation process of their product descriptions. So they decided to use AX Semantics.

1. Create set of attributes

As Ventano had no listings of the properties of their products, they created a file system with all important attribute models. This was necessary for the introduction of content automation with AX Semantics as the software relies on structured data.

2. Product descriptions on scale

Ventano’s attribute file system feeds all their product data into the software of AX Semantics. Therefore, content creation is quick and the texts are of high-quality. The content creation process is also scalable and they can easily generate texts for new products in just a few moments. This automated process saves a lot of time and money.

3. SEO and implemented filter option
Because of the incorporation of additional keywords into the texts and the installation of a comprehensive filter option on the company's website, Ventano improved their visibility in search engines.
Example of an automated product description on Ventano’s website.

The Results

  • With content automation, Ventano was able to generate product descriptions for about 2,000 stock-keeping units within a short period of time. In the same period of time before content automation, the output of texts was at only 194. Simultaneously, their turnover increased by 45,000 Euro.
  • Sales of individual components increased by about 50 percent and the conversion rate improved by up to 15 percent, due to improved landing pages.
  • Thanks to a well-structured set of attributes, Ventano is now able to offer better landing pages and they introduced a filter on their website, which results in an enhanced customer experience. This contributes to an improving visibility of their online store web pages.

In the future, Ventano intends to provide customized text to returning website visitors and logged-in visitors in order to provide product descriptions according to their requirements and preferences. They also want to further expand their business to the french market.


The Ventano Beschläge GmbH is a producer of replicas of antique door and window fittings, and hence a company of traditional workmanship. The company is located in Bissendorf, a town close to Osnabrück in northern Germany. They have 20 employees who are experts in the fields of trade, commerce, architecture, technology, and history of art.