Case Study

How Metav Achieved 57% More Conversions Through Personalized Product Descriptions

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The Case

Stephan Bayer, CEO of the company, invests a lot of energy in the strategy of making a difference in the online market for his customers and thereby compete against the big e-commerce giants like Amazon, eBay and Co. More than 25,000 items in Metav's online store require precise product descriptions for this to happen. This enables Metav customers to make better purchasing decisions. And Metav goes one step further - personalization in the texts enables the online retailer to provide even more specific and individual advice and improves conversion in the store by up to 57%.

The Challenge

As for many online retailers, it is a major challenge for Metav to present the products in the store in an appealing way and to support the purchase decision with an appropriate product description. Stephan Bayer considers describing the highly technical, very similar products with their fine differences to be a significant advantage, but at the same time this was a task that could not be adequately managed with his team of 4. In addition, Metav's CEO is always looking for ways to make his team's and customers' lives easier through technology.  

Their goals:

  • Improvement of online purchase recommendations through personalized product descriptions.
  • Simplify the precise, correct description of the similar products.
  • Maximally reduce effort for creation, maintenance, updating of product descriptions.

Of course, we had hoped that the personalization would result in a higher conversion rate, but the fact that after one month we have already seen an increase of 57% in the number of shopping cart visits with personalized descriptions exceeds our expectations.

metavStephan Bayer, CEO at Metav Werkzeuge GmbH

The Solution

Metav's managing director, Stephan Bayer, was looking for technologies that make the writing work for the product manageable, less time-consuming and optimizable. The company therefore uses AX Semantics to automate product descriptions. In addition Metav uses AX Semantics Personalized Commerce for the personalization of product descriptions. With the tracking tool "Metrics" integrated there, it can measure how users interact with the text and how the conversion performs.

  1. Content automation

    They can provide structured data for their products. This allows them to create, optimize and update clear, precise product descriptions for all their tools using AX. Thus, the content is precise, always up to date and responds better to customer questions - also a strong plus point for search engines. The time savings for the team are enormous, and finally it is a joy to put products online.
  2. Content personalization and measurement

    With the personalized commerce extension in AX, they can address each visitor individually depending on their interest and measure the interaction and the success of the texts. This allows the store to respond to customers more individually and provide better advice online.
  3. Integration into their system

    They are working on a fully automated workflow to Shopware to resolve the manual effort of data import and export.
Automated product description with personalized introduction in the Metav Shop

The Results

Metav Werkzeuge GmbH feels measurable effects from the automation and personalization of the texts. The personalization resulted in an immense increase in conversion and a significantly stronger interaction of the visitors with the texts. The effort for the optimization and the creation of the product texts is massively reduced. In addition, the team enjoys working with product descriptions much more.

Higher conversion and engagement rate

The online store records a 29% higher engagement rate and a conversion increase (shopping cart entries) of 57% 1 month after the implementation of personalized texts.

Faster time to market

Metav was able to put almost 2,000 very similar products online with unique product descriptions within 14 working hours. Compared to manual processes, an approximate time saving of 85%.

Content update and optimization

Metav was able to update texts and upload 6,600 items within 10 minutes.

Metav Werkzeuge

Metav Werkzeuge GmbH distributes highly technical tools and has more than 25,000 items from metrology, microscopy or cutting technology in its range.