Case Study

Thousands of Automated Product Descriptions for InstaMotion


The Case

InstaMotion offers more than 30,000 premium used cars on their e-commerce platform. Only qualified and inspected vehicles make it to the platform through their quality grids. Customers are able to chose and order their desired car from any region in Germany, no matter in which area of the country they live themselves. To give customers a better idea of their cars, InstaMotion creates detailed high-quality descriptions.

The Challenge

The company needed to create thousands of unique product descriptions. They had to optimize their content according to SEO standards in order to improve the visibility of their content in relevant search engines. For the production of all these product descriptions, they hired freelance writers, who they needed to instruct time and again on how to write these descriptions, which was very  time consuming. That’s why InstaMotion decided to take a step towards automation.

Their goals:

  • Generate unique, detailed & well-structured product descriptions
  • Reduce workload for employees & freelance writers
  • Save costs

The Solution

The InstaMotion team knew they needed to find a way to create high-quality product descriptions and reduce the workload. So they decided to use AX Semantics.

  1. Automation of repetitive writing tasks

    With the AX Semantics content automation software, Instamotion is able to generate every product description automatically based on structured data. The team of InstaMotion maintains a well structured and high-quality set of product data, that is uploaded to AX Semantics and used to create the texts. After an initial configuration, only two full-time-copywriters are creating thousands of automated product descriptions.
  2. Fast time to market

    Ads for new cars on sale appear on the website in an instant, thanks to quickly generated descriptions. There is no longer a need to wait until the respective descriptions have been written manually. As soon as the product data is available, the product description is automatically generated.
Product description at InstaMotion

The Results

Since choosing AX Semantics, Instamotion has automatically generated more than 45,000 unique, detailed and well-structured product descriptions within 6 months. The team has massively saved time, they usually needed to create product descriptions. This has also resulted in reducing process costs. In addition, the SEO of all texts was improved and the visibility in search engines increased permanently, thanks to content automation.


InstaMotion is an online retailer for used cars in Germany. They have more than 30,000 cars on offer that are up to five years old. InstaMotion provides cars from all regions in Germany, so that buyers can compare prices and get the best offer.