Case Study

Automated Financial and Risk Reports at Deloitte


The Case

Deloitte is a globally operating business that needs to optimize their process efficiency. With a mindset like this, the company is always looking for ways to use rule-based systems and curated templates to set up repetitive or pattern-based parts of reportings. The Deloitte Network for Language Technology is always on the lookout for "language technology" to ensure that processes are optimized and time-efficient.

The Challenge

Deloitte's focus is on the reporting of established processes. Deloitte has to generate many risk assessment reports for all financial applications. This can not be done manually, as it would take too long and would need too much man power. They were also looking for a tool they could integrate into their toolchains for various purposes, including risk analysis, regulatory applications and internal recruiting.

The effort required to create recurring reports can be reduced by up to 80% with AX Semantics.

mario-berger-deloitteMario Berger, Director at Deloitte

The Solution

The Deloitte team knew they were able to automate the writing process of their reportings and they chose AX Semantics. The NLG platform fulfills all essential aspects for the generation of the reports of Deloitte. In addition to the implementation of risk and compliance reports, Deloitte uses AX Semantics for efficiency in the area of finance or balance sheet preparation. Risk assessment reports are now generated in an augmented process with the help of AX Semantics. That means that repetitive parts of reports are all created automatically and the intuitive parts of the texts are added by analysts. AX Semantics has also been integrated into Deloitte's toolchains. Risk analysis, regulatory applications, and internal recruiting are created with the help of the AX software.

Overview of reportings on Deloitte's website

The Results

The creation of certain recurring reports, various projects of Deloitte have already shown that the effort can be reduced by up to 80%. Due to the very high quality and applicability of AX Semantics, Deloitte is able to produce reportings automatically. Analysts save a lot of time as they concentrate on writing intuitive parts of analyses only.


Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited, commonly known as Deloitte, was founded in London in 1845. It is an international professional services network and, as such, has the most revenue and professionals globally. Therefore, Deloitte is one of the Top4 accounting businesses. Deloitte also provides outsourcing and service components for customers, ranging from finance to industrial applications. Hereby, the focus lies on risk management and financial auditing.