Case Study

How Brille24 Reduced Their Time to Market With Automated Content

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The Case

The product portfolio of Brille24 includes thousands of glasses as well as sunglasses. Brille24 sells glasses from their own brand but also from premium manufacturers and other labels. For the premium brands, they continuously need relevant and unique product descriptions. As Brille24 constantly adds new branded eyewear as well as new branded manufacturers to their portfolio, they are in constant need for new product descriptions as well.

The Challenge

Brille24 was writing all product descriptions manually. As their product portfolio grew, they were unable to continue to write product descriptions for all glasses. So they eventually stopped doing so entirely and had no descriptions at all. But Brille24 wanted to increase their sales and range of products and match the growing competition on the online market as well. As e-commerce is a fast business, they had to face the challenge of creating product content in real time.

Their goals:

  • Publish descriptions for every pair of glasses on website
  • Lower time to market by generating new descriptions quickly
  • Optimize product descriptions for improved visibility in search engines

With automated content, we save a lot of time – both for writing product texts and for getting new products online.

janina-schaefer-brille24Janina Schäfer, Teamlead Content Marketing at Brille24

The Solution

The Brille24 team knew they needed to find a way to to create high-quality product descriptions faster and speed up their time to market. So they decided to use AX Semantics.

  1. Automation of product descriptions

    With the AX Semantics content automation software, Brille24 automatically generates product descriptions based on structured data from a PIM system. As texts are configured only once initially in the tool, the content output scales rapidly. The software takes over repetitive writing tasks and carries them out quickly and efficiently.
  2. Fast time to market of new products

    After the initial configuration of the content automation project in the AX Semantics platform, the Brille24 team has generated new descriptions at the push of a button. This shortens the time until a product can go live enormously and results in saved time and costs.
  3. SEO and conversion optimized content

    All product descriptions are lengthier, unique and describe all important features of each model of glasses. The product descriptions rank well and the customer gets all relevant pieces of information. Brille24 is able to not only create the product descriptions, but also generate landing pages for individual opticians they cooperate with. In a pilot project, Brille24 has also successfully generated meta descriptions for more than 10,800 products.
Product description for a pair of glasses in Brille24's online shop

The Results

In total, Brille24 has generated approx. 23,000 unique and high-quality product descriptions with the AX Semantics software, and they continue to do so.

  • The employees save a lot of time that they would have needed to create product descriptions. Therefore, they have more time to tend to other tasks, e.g. content development.
  • Additionally, the time to market for new products has been reduced drastically, as descriptions are created in an instant, thanks to content automation.
  • The text creation is scalable and carried out very quickly.
  • The content automation software also helps the company to increase its visibility in search engines, because all product descriptions are created according to SEO standards. Brille24 has also generated optimized meta descriptions of more than 10,800 product descriptions.


Founded in 2007, Brille24 is one of the leading online opticians in German-speaking countries. It is also successful with numerous online stores in Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain and Slovakia. Since 2021, they are part of 4Care GmbH, a leading omnichannel provider of contact lenses, care products and eyewear across Europe.