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Amazon FBA sellers: Optimize your visibility & ranking

Reading Time 4 mins | January 24, 2020 | Written by: AX Semantics

– Reading Time: 4 minutes

The Amazon business is booming – over 240.000 sellers sold their products on the Amazon marketplaces in 2019. This is an increase of more than 18 percent compared to 2018 (Internetworld, 2019).

Of course, the competition is increasing, that’s bad for sellers. While a few years ago it was quite easy to make money through Amazon, now it is necessary to professionalize and optimize the product presentation. Two valuable tips help you as an FBA Seller to offer your products on Amazon more efficiently and to maximize your profits.

Tip 1: How to write optimized Amazon product descriptions

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Amazon Standard Solution

In general, Amazon has an interest to offer a maximum portfolio of products on their platform. In order to publish your products quickly and easily, Amazon has a standard solution in which the product data can be entered. You should note individual presentation requirements for each product category.

For the first orientation you can use the Amazon Styleguides to create listings of your products. The Styleguides are easy-to-understand manuals with clear examples (dos and don’ts) and guidelines for product titles, pictures, product features, product description and many more. If you use the solution from Amazon, you as a retailer don’t stand out from the crowd in the competition with your products. That has a negative impact on your visibility and reach.

Visibility and Reach through Quality of Content and Form

If you want to perform better than the competitors, creating optimized content and content management is essential. The goal is to achieve a long reach and a large number of conversions. To generate that long reach, you have to get the search algorithm to list your products prominently among as many relevant search queries as possible.

It was recommended to integrate relevant search terms into the content. It is important not to use manufacturer texts or texts more than once. This generates duplicate content. You can achieve a positive conversion rate through good content and formal quality of the text. You can ask yourself the following questions: Does the text offer added value to the reader and answer all important questions about the product? Is the text understandable and optimally structured for the web? Lists, boldings and subheadings contribute to a web optimized preparation of the text. All of these points help the user to get information about the product and ultimately buy it.

Here is an overview of all tips for product description optimization:

  • Avoid duplicate content, don’t use texts more than once – also no manufacturer texts
  • Create description texts with added value
  • Pay attention to a web-optimized preparation
  • Use relevant search terms in the headline and product description

Also check out the blog article “How To Create Real Added Value With Product Descriptions”. There we give you 6 tips on how to create the ultimate product description.

Self-Service-Tool for writing automated product descriptions

Just one catch: The manual creation of unique product descriptions is very time and cost intensive. But there is software that can help: companies like AX Semantics offer a solution that saves you a lot of time and money in content creation.

AX Semantics is a self-service product description writing software that is intuitive to use and generates high quality content in various languages in seconds. The solution is suitable for time-consuming and repetitive writing tasks.

Here some advantages of the tool:

  • unique & high quality content
  • huge number of texts in short time
  • better visibility & conversion
  • multilingual content

Many companies already use the software to efficiently produce individual product descriptions. Stefan Gutheil, founder and CEO of Iconic Sales – a company that supports manufacturers and brands in selling successfully on Amazon – describes the software as follows:

Tip 2: Amazon Advertising

To increase visibility, providers in many segments build on Amazon Advertising, similar to what you know from Google Ads. Amazon Advertising promotes your sales and pushes visibility in organic search results. The advantage of Amazon Sponsored Ads compared to what Google offers is that you are closer to selling on Amazon. This can make the ads much more efficient than other platforms.

So in order to be successful with your business as an FBA seller on Amazon, a mix of organic optimization through content and Amazon advertising is helpful. You can stand out against your competitors, which allows you to offer your products more efficiently on the platform and maximize your earnings.

Background Information

Amazon categorizes the retailers in Vendor and Seller. The Vendor-Model is the B2B variant. That means that the retailer sell the products to Amazon and Amazon sells them to end customers. In this case Amazon is the retailer. The Seller-Model is the Amazon marketplace concept. The retailer can use the reach of the platform Amazon and sell to the end customer in their own name.

Amazon’s service goes even further with “FBA” (Fulfillment by Amazon). It is a very lucrative model with growing popularity for you as a retailer. In addition to listing products on Amazon the company offers the opportunity to outsource many other tasks. Amazon takes care of the complete logistics process for retailers. The products are stored, packaged, shipped and even returns are processed. You pay certain commissions for the service depending on requirements.

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