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Make your life easier by managing your copy with data-to-text technology!

Our Integrated System for Data2Text Automation combines all tools and processes needed to achieve auto-updating copy with your copy-writing team:

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Alexandra and Vita are simply amazing - great help exactly where it's needed, all the time :) thank you!

Jakub Watemborski
Senior Media Manager, Digitas UK


Data & Privacy

Secure, Reliable and GDPR-compliant data processing

  • Secure data processing and privacy, even for your product data.
  • All sensible data is being processed inside the EU
  • Our Personalization algorithm uses only in-browser processing to avoid transmitting of personal data to us or other third parties.
  • Proven uptime record of way beyond 99,99% – always transparent on our Status Page.
  • Higher SLAs and HIPPA-Compliant processing available